Hi there!!!!

You know I crazilly missed you guys. It’s been a long time I couldn’t post any video here. I missed sharing my adventures with you.. I have tons of videos waiting for me to edit, so you can watch them. Please spend few seconds to choose which one you wanna see first. Click here to VOTE on topics!

So Twizy, watch the video first:

So I love this little cutie. It using not any CO2 maker tool makes it cuter cause you’ll feel comfortable driving it.


  1. is part of Renault’s zero emission programme.
  2. is a cool electric car.
  3. makes you feel like you’re in the future!! I can call it a “futuristic car”, yes. I did.
  4. you can park 3 Twizy instead of 1 regular car.
  5. that makes it so city car for limited parking spaces.
  6. makes 80km/h (50mph) speed, so just for cities baby.
  7. is quite you can hear in the video.
  8. it’s cute. cute is hot. so you’ll take a lot of attention.
  9. did I say it’s custom, you can paint any color, or use any sticker.
  10. it’s small, but as you can see in the video one huge guy can sit at the back! or your dog, or your shopping bags.
  11. it’s around $9k, I guess it makes it cheap in the electric car market.

Electric Car Test Drive Twizy Youtube 3

Electric Car Test Drive Twizy Youtube 5

Electric Car Test Drive Twizy Youtube

So what do you think so far?? I believe the future cars will be like that (small, electric, light), and I also know we humans reject the “new” when it’s new. So tell me how you’re rejecting it? 🙂