I have two lovely brothers. One older, the other is younger.

wedding selfie

My only older brother is getting married. So I came to Turkey for the wedding and also to see my family. I thought I could make some videos, showing you Istanbul, Ankara and some beach areas.

Here’s shortly what I learned:

  1. Going to a wedding as a guest is so much different than being the organizer, especially for the groom’s side.
  2. It’s pretty stressful. Expensive as hell. The same products are double triple price just because the service/product sellers know the buyer is a wedding couple! Grr!
  3. I think investing in wedding market would be a smart idea.
  4. Sorry!!!!! I’m truly sorry for not keep posting new videos. I have a lot of records, but need time to edit them… And I was travelling a lot so far. These are the videos coming soon.
    – 99u conference video. It ended the same day with my flight. So you’ll watch my rush going to the event learning how to make things happen and catching my flight.
    – A test drive of an electric car. The cutest car I drove ever!
    – How to marry a Turkish Girl traditionally, instructional video 🙂 hehe, I had to learn the first time for you.
    – A wedding story (Kursat & Aysegul’s Wedding Story)
    – Why Seth Godin got mad at me, and what do you think about it?
  5. Being in Turkey, we met some very old childhood family friends. Also I went places I grow up and lived. Read my 17 years old diaries.. And, it feels awkward to see who I was. It’s challenging to see that differences and seeing that I have the same similarities, like my questions keep still: WHY and HOW.

All photos and videos are coming soon. Hang on. It’ll worth it 🙂

Twizy Electric Car GOPR0766.MP4.Still001 electric car renault

With my 99U fake tattly tattooes.

With my 99U fake tattly tattooes.