Okay, here is the second video.

I promised to make new videos every Tuesday, and 1 week is a long time to record and edit a video. Right? So Monday night, I found myself sleepless editing the video.

I decided, I need to do next videos few couple days ago. It takes time!! Also I got that big issue as using music of others. I don’t want to do that again. Copyright issues are a big deal for YouTube. I don’t want to be banned or give control of my videos to others, as the music owner gets rights on some stuff on my videos obviously like stats are not public.

Whatever, here’s the return trip to home in that snow storm day.

As promised my tips on biking in a snowy day:

  • Don’t bike.
  • Stay inside.
  • Make some tea.
  • Read some books.
  • Yes, don’t go to work. or,
  • Go out, play some snowball.
  • Make some snowman.
  • Enjoy the snow safely.
  • Snow is beautiful, isn’t it?
  • Touch it and feel it.
  • Be thankful you’re alive & feeling.

The feedback I received a lot since last week:

  1. How cold it is?!! It looks freezing!!
  2. Are you crazy??!!!
  3. Is this real or animation? (my mom & dad, hehe)
  4. Is that you?
  5. It’s so dangerous!!!!
  6. It’s cool!!

Tell me, which one is your reaction?? Write in the comment box below.

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