My Tesla Model S Review – Test Drive – New York – 4/11/2016

Oh Tesla Model S..

It’s because of Elon Musk’s biography that I’m reading, or the whole concept, I don’t know what.. I knew I was going to be in love with Tesla before even testing it. However, I didn’t know and I didn’t expect the Model S would be just so amazing!! He blew my mind off!

When I heard Tesla has a showroom in Brooklyn, I was like “Oh yay, they are already in East Coast”, I found out they have a store in Chelsea!!!! I went to Tesla Motor’s website, filled out the form to schedule a test drive. I was like “If the car is coming in 2017, what am I gonna test?! And, I don’t even have a driver license, I’m sure it’s not going to work!” Then as they promised, I got voicemails and emails, I replied back and scheduled a time.

Here’s the video’s of my actual test ride:

On Friday I passed my road test, got my temporary driver license, and Monday I was at Tesla Office in Chelsea Manhattan! They didn’t let me use my GoPro for press reasons, but thankfully didn’t mind me doing Periscope live podcast! 🙂

From the test drive these are the main points:

  • I was screaming and panicking when autopilot starts working. Holly shoot, that was the weirdest, creepiest moment of my life. “What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do?!!” While the Tesla specialist tells me “nothing” “nothing” lol 🙂
  • Love the roof and how you can pick  how many percentage you want to open it.
  • Many things were technical car language like “creep mode” haha. I didn’t really understand, and asking him to explain made it more complicated.
  • Shortly it’s all electronic, and easy to use, like setting your phone, like IPHONE phones, even my mom can set up easily.
  • As a stick car user, I find automatic cars weird. (Probably because never really driven). It’s going to take a while for me to get used to my lovely Tesla, because it’s automatic, just gas and brake.
  • It’s sexy. SEXY!!!!!! How can a car be so sexy?! Gosh I don’t know. You have to understand, it’s not just how elegant and beautiful he looks. It’s how intellectual and confident he is. He likes to take the control and although it’s weird to give the control, he does a great job, and you just have to sit and enjoy the ride :p
  • If it was not a sustainable, zero emission vehicle, would I be that much in love? Hell no!
  • Although, I would never want to leave earth to go to Mars or anywhere else, as Elon Musk predicts we need other planets for human kind, and I don’t care that opinion; we need to get rid of our atmosphere and environment damaging cars.. Tesla Model 3 coming on 2017, is dropping it’s price from $70,000 to $35,000; I’m sure they will keep the quality similar, and find other ways to manufacture it cheaper.
  • What I’m saying is, our future car is Tesla (and other electric cars).

Hmm, what are your thoughts? Write in the below, and remember I’m in love, so my eyes miss some details. 🙂