This week’s video: Lizzi, the cutest member of Citibike. 🙂 I met them just like in the video. Asked if I can play with her, Ben aka the father said yes!! 🙂 Well, she played with other doggies at the park, but I really enjoyed my day. I love puppies, from very deepest part of my heart, and then, who doesn’t?

But a puppy on a bike basket is irresistible.. Ben thanks for the ride. I really enjoyed my time. And Miss Lizzy (Lizzi), I think you’re very cute, and I’m quite sure my friends here will like you, too.

Summer is beautiful in New York (mostly).. I found some tango and kayaking places in the city. Can’t wait to go, record and let you experience them, too.

Love you all,

P.S. Go watch LUCY, I’m in her mood. Just like when Bella became a vampire (sounds so funny), when Lucy starts using her brain more than usual, they both feel connected to world, the air, the trees, sounds, smells.. They just feel life in their veins, and that is like a meditation moment I guess. When we close our eyes and think how small we are in universe, and how connected we are to everything, these movies have the same idea. The human feelings, ego, daily dramas are gone. You just feel complete. Or something like that. Please watch and let me know what you think.. 🙂