Just started my YouTube Channel. Yes, it has been 5 weeks since I posted the first video on YouTube, it has 490 views. The Channel has 956 views, 26 subscribers. I launched the website almost 2 weeks ago, and everyday visitor’s number is increasing. But probably the most important thing is, do they stay in the website? Around %50 stay in the website. So far what I’ve learned:

  • Stop saying 5! Everything is 5 tips, 5 facts, and now 5 weeks. Just so random, but next time it’ll be something different.
  • Video editing takes a lot of time, but I’m getting faster. Only thing I need to do is start editing at least two days ago than posting date. Because for some reason, I always start editing in the last day! Lesson learned: edit in advance, not the last day.
  • I bike too fast. Yes, although I’m with the CitiBike! When I bike too fast, I can’t talk! Lesson learned: bike slower to easily pedal and breath and talk.
  • My every sentence starts and ends with “so” or “and“. As a former ToastMasters student, that’s a very bad speech style. Lesson learned: practice starting the sentence with only the sentence and finish with the sentence.
  • Interacting with others. Don’t worry about anything and just say a hi! At first I was a little bit worried of disturbing a biker, runner or pedestrian. I think everybody is ready for a warm hi and a little bit of conversation. I’ll try interacting more. A lot more! A lot of friends remembered specifically Super Bowl video cause I was talking with others a lot!
  • After getting a lot of great feedback and ideas from my friends, I got so confused. I actually forgot why I started Girl On The Bike at the first place and become really lost. It took around a week. I was pretty messed up. Lost my confidence. lesson learned: everybody has great ideas, beliefs; the biggest point is what I believe in. Why I started Girl on the Bike. Is this for thousands of views, for numbers or for quality connections? My friend helped me editing the start here page, where I explain why I started it all. It’s my statement.
  • There are so many things I want to do. I need to plan them. I’ll have a library corner, where I’ll share my review to books and start sharing my learning’s with you. Also, will have a page where you can see upcoming topics, and only if you become a decision maker you can vote for each of them.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, you. I sat down, and thought about you. Who you are, what you’re doing, what’s your passions, dreams and frustrations.. I wrote about you. It’s your avatar. I’ll make videos while I’m thinking talking to you. I felt so good after doing it. Because as I said my target is not millions. My target is you. Only you watching somewhere else in the world, hopefully inspired by my learning’s and take actions to change yourself and life.

So I keep learning everyday.. My Twitter connections are lovely, join me there, too! I’m going to make a video about how to make a decision when you’re very confused. Tell me what do you do when you’re confused? Go with the flow, think about it, ask friends, sleep? 🙂

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