I’m in Miami.. It’s warm, sweet, nice..

oh hold on a second..! What am I talking about? It’s raining (men, no just the rain, thunderstorm type of rain)..! What Miamian people does in a rainy day? I don’t know!! I’m home, found time to post photos on Facebook, and here I am writing to you after a long time.. I have a notebook with me, I’ll write the ideas flowing in my mind, and good things will happen..

My brother is here with me in Miami.. I cooked lunch and dinner, and as soon as I put the onions to the pan, he said screaming “omg it smells so good, I didn’t know you do these things..” I was like “it’s just the onions..” after the cooking was done, everyone was impressed, me including about my super cooking skills :p

Gone Girl review.. since I love Ben Effleck now, he is a good entrepreneur..

I also talked about my pingpong obsession and how I could be a pingpong pro.. (maybe I am a pro already!)