When my friend Checkey asked me to join her for Fire Island, I knew it was going to be just another amazing adventure in my life.

We met most of the girls at the Penn Station for 8am train. Bought some breakfast stuff from the station, and earlier some crackers from Duane Reed. What I didn’t know is how hard it’ll be to find food in the island. Well, it’s a real island!! πŸ™‚ Here’s my tips if you’re planning to go there:

  1. If you’re a kind person doesn’t like closed spaces, the island can give you the same feeling, because if you miss the ferries, there is no way to get away from the island! If you watched the Mindhunters, or any zombie movies, you’ll know what I mean :p (Okay I learned there areΒ some taxi boats, you can take them)
  2. Other than that, it’s kinda good to be away from cars, city life..
  3. Accommodation: there is 1 or 2 hotels, we stayed in Fire Island Hotel, if you know me you know I don’t like hotels, I travel with Couchsurfing, and I do travel alone or maybe with 1+. But this time I didn’t organize the trip, and I joined an amazing group of girls, and experienced a small hotel. The other option is to rent houses from locals, which I met a few people at the beach, they were staying in their rentals.
  4. How to go to Fire Island: You can drive easily 1 hour an half or so.. Or take a train from Penn Station to somewhere I don’t know to take the Ferry. Train and ferry round trip costs $35 or so. Not bad at all.
  5. Food: Oh food.. It’s an issue. There are kitchens in hotel rooms, and also if you rent a house. But who’s gonna carry food to island!!? I went there with a small backpack. Didn’t bring food πŸ™ I had to eat the hotel food: frozen and fried food. Yes, you guessed right, my stomach was not really happy about it.. Food is not good, and you have to pay a lot for it… So my suggestion as you can see in the video: find a guy who can carry the food, and cook simply things.. πŸ™‚
  6. Drinks: Oh yea.. hotel bar had amazing frozen drinks. Yum yum.. $10 per each.. Delicious. Dangerous. You may not stop drinking and paying πŸ™‚ Suggestion: Bring your own drink and make drinks!!
  7. Rules: They say you can’t drink at the beach, but reality everybody drinks, no problem. However, you definitely will get a ticket ($75) if you drink on the streets. Also depends on which part you’ll be going, some towns forbid eating and drinking outside! Why? Probably tourists leave their wastes outside, as I heard some locals were complaining why they leave their wastes at the beach πŸ™ So Fire Island is a popular destination and it’s not a quite secret island. πŸ™‚
  8. Party: There are a lot of nice bars, they have dance stages!! πŸ™‚ They all have delicious frozen cocktails. After 11pm, Friday, Saturday gets so packed. Everybody outside, and everybody get drunk!!
  9. Age: A lot of teenagers, or feels like an extreme young crowd.. Since they are at the parties, they should be over 21. There are also families, mostly I assume locals who live there..
  10. Ocean: Nice nice nice. It’s not really warm which is amazingly refreshing temperature. Wawes are not so big and strong.. But for some reason, I got scared of sharks πŸ™‚
  11. Transportation: You can rent a bike, or walk. No cars or cabs or vehicles other than police cars.

Shortly: I loved my Fire Island experience. Definitely worth to go check it out once. Is there anything you’d like to add???