“I went for miles to see her.. first look and first love.. it was easy..”

Emma made me think a lot.. In my return flight I wrote what she made me feel and think, and of course crying.. With the cheapest smartest airline, spirit, I was crying, writing, and thirsty. I ordered tea, coffee and gingerale. At the same time.. All three on my table and I paid for them. In everything included flights, I just get water!!

She made me realized the human beings core.. what we are made of. who we really are. and helped me with my perspective to the other people, myself and the world.. I’m less judgmental to myself now..Hey, I’m still the same person as before and I’m in my path of life, and growing, learning and experiencing.. My brother when I read him the script said, “oh ness, you’re so spiritual!! :))” Yes, so what? What’s wrong with being spiritual (especially when I was in Spirit airplane, lol)

I used to love babies before, as long as I don’t spend time with them.. you know like puppies.. ¬†they are too cute.. too dangerous.. too addictive.. And my first experience with one a little too long.. now: I think about Emma, I am of course happy, but I miss her so much! Ohhhh so much.. Is this love, is this love what I’m feeling?