I love that topic..

Changing habits. First we need a reason to change something. Means we need to realize something is unwanted by us.

“Ahh, I want to stop calling him!”

“I don’t want to work in that office anymore!”

“I should stop eating these food”

“I need to work out frequently”

“I need to think positively.”

“I need to stop smoking”

“I have to call my parents/friends more often”

I DON’T KNOW. You think about that list.. I have my own list. It has basic there points that I want to change in my life. Seriously ASAP!!!

– my daily routine. (I don’t have one!)
– my eating habits. (I need to learn about nutrients)
– my workout habits.
and additional – my pingpong technique.

Daily Routine: I don’t have one. My days are totally different from each other. I wake up different hours everyday. Sometimes I have a productive day, sometimes not. These not productive days are killing me. I feel so bad. Negative.. I want my everyday productive.

To have a productive day everyday, is not luck. It’s a habit. It’s a work of mindset. I need to work on it.

Eating Habits: Hmm.. Isn’t it just so confusing? Some says eat that, some says it’s bad, don’t eat that. Nothing is consistent about nutrients. I want to learn, and control my eating habits. Change it. I love bread. I heard it’s bad. Carbs are bad, our body is not built to digest them and they make us slower. I said okay, let’s stop eating then.. But I felt so weak, almost sick, and realized my body wants bread. How can I resist a force coming from my body, I decide it’s good to eat it. Then learned, carbs make that effect on us. Drug effect. You can’t stop immediately, you have to decrease and stop slowly.

Shortly I want to learn  a little bit more about nutrients, and change my eat whatever you want habits.

Workout Habits: Same as others, I have no routine. Nothing consistent. For 9 years I’ve been going to the gym. Gym/fitness is one of my addiction. But I do it whenever I want. Sometime I want it more, sometime, I don’t go at all. What the heck?! I want to change it.

Pingpong Technique: I jump. I play like tennis. I move all my body. I play with a high volume energy and instead of controlling it, I use it. Etc. etc.. This list goes and on..

I’m not bad. But since I want to be a pro in Pingpong, I need to play and think like a pro? Some players play in their own unprofessional style, they are good, but I don’t want to be like them, who wins without a style.. 🙂 I want to play like a pro. To do that, I need to forget what I learned, what I played since I’m a little princess. Although one of my biggest skill is learning new things, I have problem with changing how I play. I keep going back to my old style. I want to kill the ball. So actually, by watching myself changing my pingpong habits, made me realized it’s frustrating.. it’s so easy to go back. Body adjustment is a painful process. If we don’t give up that adjustment period we’ll survive I believe.

I know something about me for sure. I don’t like to go with the flow. We can say that I wanna know what’s going on, and control it. Changes are one of my favorite facts about life and human beings. You accept it or not, the fact remains: we change… Life is all about changes.

And I’m all about deciding the direction of these changes. Choosing my environment, the books I’m reading, the friends, and the biggest step, by changing my habits.. I’m trying to change the direction of changes. So the person who I’m becoming will be the one I’m probably will be happy about.. 🙂

Help me. If you have anything can help me, let me know. It could be a book, a YouTube channel, someone you know, an idea.. which help me changing my habits are appreciatingly welcome 🙂

This video I made is lot about the process I’m dealing with right now. Getting out of my comfort zone, and watching myself adjusting the new changes while trying not to go back to old habits. I’m waking up at 6am, which is awesome, and frustrating, and play pingpong by forgetting what I learned before. Ahh, don’t ask me how they are going… I keep my process online so it kinda keep me going but it’s really difficult. It’s so easy to give up.

So tell me, what are you working on right now? Anything you want to change? What’s your plan, if you write it below, you’ll push yourself out of your comfort zone, which is a good thing 🙂