Birthday Thoughts & Songs

Hey there, this video is a bit weird, am I talking to you? Am I talking to myself? Am I talking to my future self? Yes, all of them! πŸ™‚ My birthday thoughts & songs. I didn’t edit so much, as you can see it’s a 24 mins video!

I am so in love about the life and the person I am, and all the people I cross paths and all the experiences I have.

This is the video, enjoy! Let me know how you like my singing πŸ˜€ I was almost not gonna publish, thinking OMG this is embarrassing but then I feel the same way about my every other video, so I did publish. I love it now.. πŸ™‚ you?

Actually after I recorded the video, I tried to find some videos that were meaningful moments reminders.. And I was checking this video from last December when I was recording my meditation progress, it was the first and only video I recorded. I was SHOCKED!

I did set my intentions in that time for why I was interested to start learning how to meditate. And the new me, in only 7 months, it’s so tremendous.

– I am breathing more, and focusing on the now.. took a while, but such a comforting and grounding skill.

– I love myself just as I am… It’s such a pleasure of being done with dealing with that for years. I faced my demons, I forgiven myself, I forgave others.. The little child Nesli uncovered the protection she build when she was young, and that led to acceptance and content-ness.

– Just like I’m more open to myself, I’m more open to others too.. (Less judgmental)

– I eat better, I listen to what I want to eat, I eat, not unbalanced though..

– I lost 26 LBS, 12KG.. I didn’t even know I was overweight a bit.. I always thought I was great.. But with the improvement in my daily mental world I got a better body, too.. It just happened..

– I have amazing friends. I love creating beautiful moments with them. Aww! πŸ™‚

– I’m reading FANTASTIC BOOKS! I need to share them with you. Without them, oh boy, would be hard to change.

Okay, gotta go now, but these are the updates and changes that I’m grateful.

Love you,
Girl On The Bike