5 Books that I LOVE:

5 books that I love a lot! These amazing books shaped who I am today drastically. Please watch my review and read below for detailed description and tell me 1 book that you love and suggest me/us to read!!

4 Hour Work Week:

4 Hour Work Week ReviewSo we all know there is this new style of working for a long time now, lifestyle entrepreneurs who doesn’t have to work in a single place, can work remotely, outsource their work, etc.. They are everywhere now, in Asia, I think they are called expats..

I’m not saying, read this book to build your online business.. (which could be nice) There are many things you can learn to get extra time to make your dreams(!) happen.. You’ll love love love this book.. Unless you’re a jealous judgmental person, and argues everything the author says, you have a great chance this book will change your life 🙂 positively..

Tim Ferris, with his book, inspired and educated a lot of others, hundreds of thousands.. His terribly bad looking blog shares insane amount of precious information. But it all start with the book. Shortly read it!! 🙂 And join his amazing world 🙂

Rich Dad Poor Dad:

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book ReviewWell, I kinda suck at finance, and finance terms (Not math). So, this book thought me what an asset is the first time. I was always following my path of not working for the money already, but reading this book, someone else already thought about it and inspire others to do it.. I was very impressed.. It also discusses about the education system and what we should teach our kids.. Teaching how to be a perfect worker or how to create and start something..?

I also met the co-author Sharon Lechter in an event and I totally suggest you to check the book and read it!

Elon Musk’s Bio:

Elon Musk's Biography Book review#Blush #blush yes, you know I’m kinda in love with this guy, or more like in Tesla.. ahhh.. I don’t know which one.. I’d be so scared to meet him physically though! He’s a very interesting person. Reading his biography in many ways help me to understand him, his vision for the world, and also gives me a perspective to myself, my childhood and my projects. Love the book. How inspiring! He doesn’t give up and take risks that show me how many would take?!

Elon Musk is building a future for us, it’s not like Bill Gates is the richest man and he has a lot of influence; Elon is simply building things that nobody would and could do (even NASA).

So when I say I love him, I mean mostly his personality and his car.. :p
We need to discuss that Mars thing.. I don’t approve to go to Mars 🙂 I want to stay in Earth please..
Also can we just avoid building systems that can develop into super artificial intelligence levels please..

Well, it’s 4am I’m writing this, my sleep schedule is really messed up. I’ll write a separate page for him and his doings specially another time. (Please remind me! Or I need to start using some sort of editorial calendar, grr)


Rework Book ReviewWell, well… When I was reading ReWork from Jason Fried, which is a very quick easy to read and understand book, I had to nod my head a lot with “yes” and “yes”.. It will give you a great perspective at what you’re doing now.. Traditional business understanding, even e-mailing is different now.. Or should be different.

I’ll give you an example, my friend was thinking to import a product and sell in US; she was looking for investors, business plans, etc.. I said fock the business plans, investors and any other craps that are a waste of time and energy and it’s not the core of your business idea. And then we spoke hours about it, till I lost my voice. Few couple days later, she bought the book, which is a beautiful paper product, aww, so beautiful.. (I read in kindle version.) She got it all! I didn’t have to get excited and lose my voice, she could just read it in the first place.

You, too my dear… 🙂

5 Love Languages:

5 Love Languages Book ReviewHmm.. It has been years I read this book. Don’t focus on tag says that “The secret lo love that lasts”, I think they targeted the big market, couples..

This book is amazing. Let me try to give you some ideas..

Love is what we all want to receive.. Tony Robbins has some great explanations about it.. (He says, as a human nature, we want to be loved, if not, we feel disliked, and in nature, you’d get kicked out the group and then be eaten by animals, or hunger or illness or etc.. He says even in modern society we feel the same way, like we’re going to die, if we’re not loved and belong to a social community)

Shortly, love is essential for us to feel better. And this book covers the love languages, because we all have different one..! How cool is that right?? 🙂 Your parents may always bought you gifts and send you to best schools, etc.. that’s how their love language was, however your love language was maybe “words”, and because they never used their words to explain their feelings and “love”, you felt pretty bad and unloved.

Guys, I gotta sleep now! 🙂 Please read all these books and so we’re on the same page 🙂

Love you all,

P.S Write below or in YouTube, what’s your favorite book? I’m soooo hungry to read some other awesome babies! 🙂