What’s the best phone for Periscope live streams?

Well.. Unfortunately I was unlucky and maybe a little bit careless that in my last 2 months I had changed 4-5 phones. I even raised some money to get a new one, and we raised in Periscope around $100 in 1 week!!! 🙂

My last 2 months Phone Story:

Water resistant(!) Sony Experia Z1>> broke in the rain!! (recently)
Water proof Sony Experia Z3 >> cracked the screen!! (recently)
Not sure the model, BLU >> hated the camera, broke the back!! (recently)
My very first IPhone 5S >> IOS!!!!! I need an Android, returned!! (recently)
Samsung S6 Edge+ >> not bad, but returned!! (recently)
Now, back to my fixed waterproof Sony Experia Z3

So here’s my very precious feedback and experiences with all of these phones, regards to general use and Periscope usage.

First of all, before comparing the phones for Periscope, here’s my IOS vs Android feedback: I never used IPhone, I said well let’s give it a try, I could return the phone in 2 weeks, so I got the IPhone 5S from beautiful Apple Store at Grand Central. Just to have an idea, if I liked it, I could actually invest in IPhone 6+ or whatever the newer model has the best camera for periscope videos.

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t use Google products easily, like YouTube, Chrome, Drive, Calendar, etc.. The sleek design and small fitting in hand size was perfect, things like notes, calendar, it’s own apps were nice. Other than the phone didn’t fit my habits.. Now, let’s talk about Periscope usages.

I mostly do my periscopes when I’m outside, biking or walking. And both of them, I HAVE TO LISTEN MUSIC… I’m not sure if I can emphasis enough, I need to listen music. Although I’d love to, I can’t even listen audiobooks, because I need to walk in my magical world with music on the background.

The only way to play music on the background while video podcasting is to have an android phone. This is one of the reason I couldn’t do with Iphone, didn’t even try the Iphone 6+ although I know the camera is good. Second reason is while on live streaming if I get a call, in Iphone scopes immediately stop.. No good. It doesn’t notify and ask if you want to take the call or keep the podcast. The other very big issue for me was: I couldn’t upload the videos to my Microsoft laptop.. I had to directly upload from phone to YouTube and it was not syncing correctly with audio.

Now, you know why no Iphone for me. Let’s discuss the Androids now, you’ll very surprise what I’ve found! 🙂

Samsung 6 Edge+, oh crazy phone. It was heavy and beautiful. Although I didn’t like the edge corners because of difficulties of using the touch screen, it was like a TV screen in my hand. High quality, large screen. And listen carefully, if I get a call… Periscopers could listen the whole conversation!!!!! I didn’t have time to experience in more detail, not sure if that was just a glitch, but I could listen music on the background with my headset, just me though, Periscopers couldn’t hear the music. Only if I get a call they could hear the conversation in both ways..

With Sony, you can listen music and I assume it’s a good thing, if you accept a phone call podcast stops.

Camera quality: keep on tune, I’ll post the videos here soon, so you can see it yourself.

Please share your experience with your phone using Periscope below in the comment box. 🙂

Edit: Since you’re asking a lot, I used to use Pandora with ads, then tried Google Music, was not happy.. Now I’m using Amazon, and I can’t describe how happy I’m with their streaming, or downloading the songs immediately, any song, or repeating the songs I like.. 🙂