Ha ha.

Time.. and memory.. I always say this “we forget”. We forget things, people, faces, memories, where we come from, what type of person we were before, love, pain, etc… That’s a beautiful part of  human nature, who would like to remember everything?? It’s a new day everyday, we wake up fresh…

So I totally forgot that I used to have a blog called “Turkish Girl in New York”.. Just randomly I found it in my Blogger account, and started reading..

Loved it.. Missed it.. Seeing myself in letter formats, words, paragraphs and music as I wrote my blogs by listening that music I shared.. I could almost touch and feel my old self. Oh boy. It’s always awkward when you realize you changed a lot.. It always makes me cry.. Life is beautiful with it’s craziness.. I think I know myself, and then I find some old letters written to my future self.. and it’s just unbelievable.. the effect of these words coming from past.

Well. I combined my writings here in Girl On The Bike! 🙂 If you see something too personal and amazingly loving, that’s from Turkish Girl..

Some of my favorites are these:

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