Here’s someone donated me and said you’re too inspiring to slow down, and I ask something like this:

Thank you!! Who are you and why do you think it’s inspiring?

He replied me with this message which gives me a lot of motivation and inspiration to keep doing what I’m doing:

Hallo Neslihan! 

(Sorry for the length. I tend to write a lot.) 

My name is Denny, and I love your website. Just. Love. It. I honestly 
wish I could donate more. Maybe later, once things settle down for me. 

Why do I think it’s inspiring? Where do I begin? You Love Life. And you 
love your city. And you love the people around you. We all can feel 
that, just by watching your videos. You inspire us to love our own 
cities, the people around us, and even our own lives. That may sound 
overly sentimental, but let’s face it: if you can make someone smile and 
think about themselves, you’ve inspired them. 

Also, you have a dream and you’re going after it – and we get to watch 
as you find the pieces and figure out how they work and where to put 
them. In those interviews and after those conferences, I can just see 
the wheels in your head spinning, thinking about where you want to take 
things in the future. 

But most importantly, your videos are honest. No, wait – let me 
capitalize that – your videos are Honest. Nothing seems scripted, 
everything feels spontaneous and genuine. You’re not even afraid to post 
about your shortcomings, and you show us all that there’s nothing wrong 
with making a mistake. (Just keep moving!) We watch your videos, and we 
feel like we know you. That’s great. 

As for me, I’m a 45 year-old guy who has been fortunate enough to have 
an opportunity to completely reboot his life. I’ve finally decided to 
start changing my own habits, finding new ways of seeing and living 
life, and stop listening to those voices that say “You can’t,” “It’s too 
much trouble,” “You’ll fail,” or the worst: “it’s too late.” First, I 
gotta get back in shape, and that means getting back on my own bike 
after I gave it up 18 years ago when I decided to become a couch potato 
instead. After seeing your blog, I want to start my own blog (but as a 
hobby for the time being). Heck, I even bought my own GoPro yesterday. 

I want to see your blog blossom. I’ve seen it evolve and it doesn’t stop 
improving. Keep riding. Keep showing us your city. Keep finding those 
events. Keep being who you are. Who knows – maybe some company will 
sponsor you to show us other cities. Maybe even all over the world. 

Thank you for giving us a blog worth looking forward to! Keep up the 
great work! 

So, here it is. I thought he’s maybe a friend of mine trying to inspire me, you know we all need inspiration although we are sure what we’re up to. If you have anything else to add to Denny’s message, write in the comment box below!! 🙂 I LOVE hearing these nice words. You know I’m too though to be nice to myself in most situations (working on it). Be nice, and tell me if you’re finding my world inspiring?

My best,

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