Meditation Journal 1: Meeting the Cute Superhuman

Hi my dear friends, and alpacas!! 🙂 Alpaca is an animal I met in one of my upstate visit. They are the cutest ever, super duper soft hair, beautiful eyes, sensitive, just soo lovely! This post is my first meditation journal post.

My dear alpacas. I love it. I was looking for a word to call you, since I always say “guys” but I felt something more warmer and realer than “guys”.. (OMG, what was I thinking?!)

Well, now, let’s talk some serious business 🙂

Beginning of 2017 I think, I was looking for a silent retreat meditation place in New York upstate. I found some, applied, got rejected, and never looked back or thought about it again. It was scary. No exercise, no writing, wake up at 5am and do meditation all day!!!!! Sleep at 9pm or so..  I can barely meditate for 5-10 mins max.

Oh man, it’s hard to not distract myself with stuff. Staying alone with my brain? God knows what’s hidden there. Super scary!!!!!

Similar, 2017 summer, I joined the yoga in Bryant Park, as a joke, and it hooked me. I was looking forward to do it, all those stretches made me crave for more.. after summer ended I started going to my gym’s yoga classes. One thing I’m consistent is those yoga classes.. I started doing head stands, to get some blood moving to my brain. It just feels great. However, meditation.. is still a problem. I can’t control the flow of my thoughts or feelings. I can surpass them. I can listen music, watch movies, bike, exercise to shut the brain. But I know I can do much more than that.

Well, yesterday I met a guy, just a friendly guy, who mentioned his meditation practice. Obviously I started asking tones of questions. Here’s his story, let’s call him the “cute superhuman”:

  • after college he felt lost, like many of us. he started doing meditation. (sounds like darling Arnold Schwarzenegger, he did also got lost a while and did TM a type of intense meditation to find focus and clarity)
  • first months, he did at least 2-3 hours of meditations in the mornings. (I can’t even understand that, I can’t believe, again, I can barely do 5 mins or so..)
  • some people believe and do some drugs to feel connected with themselves/universe/god/energy, he, our cute superhuman said, you can have that connection, subconscious – conscious togetherness through meditation.
  • (I want to add the Vim Hof breathing technique into this meditation he’s talking about, I’m sure it’ll be awesome)
  • subconscious – conscious togetherness…. the ultimate focus and answers. we actually know the answers deep down, we know we can do anything we want.. but we don’t. the state which this togetherness happens, there is no stress. like watching a train, you’ll be watching the thoughts and feelings passing by.. oh, there it is, stress, anger, happiness, you’ll be in charge. you can pass it, or keep it.
  • he described it as becoming superhuman.
  • also talked about Mindfulness and Plain English, I’ll look into it, I think it’s a book for beginners.
  • also METTA… love meditation, sending loving feelings thoughts to yourself and others. he said surprisingly it felt amazing!! I’ll look into that as well. (I found this pdf explaining how what, super long!!! 🙂

Okay, so I’m going to wrap up my a-bit-brainstorming post.. I found a place in New York, I’ll go visit them tomorrow.. I’ll update you with how it’s gonna go 🙂

Thanks to the super cute human. Oh wait, I meant the cute superhuman 🙂 I believe things/people show up in our lives for a reason in the correct times. Just saying :p

Stay tuned 🙂