How to Prevent Coronavirus

Hello my dear, today I’ll write my thoughts on Coronavirus, Covid something. More then on Coronavirus, I’ll share my thoughts on how you can approach this crisis and think and act accordingly. I’m also going to record a video tomorrow, so if you’re reading this please let me know your feedback in the comments or message to me privately  😊

First, how would you like to feel in this crisis? Make your mind about it. Do you want to feel scared, feel fearful? Remember those feelings are there to make you be ready and prepared. However, you don’t really have to feel terrified in order to be prepared.

So, asking again, how do you want to feel? My answer is: I want to feel good, relaxed, a bit excited and enthusiastic for my life that I’m lucky to be living. Like any other day.

So feeling good, here are my thoughts on the Coronavirus:

– This is a big gift to all of the humans to be prepared when a seriously fatal and contagious virus happens! We now know, hospitals, doctors, nurses, governments, schools, the society WASN’T ready for a thing like this. They are definitely not ready for something even bigger and dangerous. So this a kind of social experiment that will shape our crisis management for future cases. When a pandemic happens, and big guys say “Quarantine”, we’ll calmly know what to do, how to do. (Not panicking like little puppies, running all around, or just imagine another example)

– So this is good in a way, we’re learning, and building new systems. Working from home, offices are forced to let employers work from home, which if you read the 4 Hour Work Week, then you probably tried to convince your boss to let you work from home a few days or all the time. Now we’re seeing if we really need those office spaces.. how to be productive working from home.. how exercising is important… how going out to do a simple walking is so precious…

Okay, I can write a mini-book about this. I think I should since I have lots of times and locked inside?! 😀

– Before I get to some practical tips, I’ll recommend this. If you see yourself as “locked-in”, etc.. then change the feeling about being locked into an exciting feeling. Like “Shiiiittt, I’m locked in to do anything I wanted to do at home, I can write my book, I can do as many push-ups I want, practice guitar, read that book, cook, kiss, make love… make kids, or play with the kids” So be fucking excited about being locked in!!!

If the word you’re using is very powerful, and negative, then don’t use it, change it. “I’m staying home” or “I’m in staycation”… Think about what words you use about your locked-in situation (I clearly use “locked-in”, and I associated it with positive, creative, exciting feelings).

So either you change the word or change the feeling it creates in you.

And regardless of the word or feeling, stay the fuck inside!!!! Remember, there are people who want to stay in but they can’t. They have to go to work to get some minimum wage to pay their rent and bills. So if you’re privileged to stay inside, please stay in. It doesn’t matter who you are if you’re immune, young, old, sick or not. Just stay inside for 3-5 weeks. And if you have a friend who’s not taking this seriously, till the hard forced quarantine comes, make them stay inside. (E.g Italy, wouldn’t lock themselves inside if they were not forced to do so.) (And if you’re leaving your city before the quarantine comes, going to your home town, where your papa and mama is happy and far away from the virus, you may carry it to them. So definitely stay in, and away from them)

Now to my tips on How to Prevent Coronavirus, aka surviving the coronapocalypse:

Increase Your Immune System

I don’t mean it just for now, about how to prevent coronavirus. Increase your immune system for all the time!! I have some real working tips for you!!! When I told my parents about it around 2 years ago, I said if you do these, and it takes less then 10 minutes a day, you’re becoming superhuman, your immune system pumps up and you never get sick, even if they inject viruses to you!! They said, “wow, interesting”. They didn’t ask how. I still told them, because it is so simple to do it, and thought they would do it. They didn’t do it. It was just like a story to them. They chose their usual behaviors and habits.

So would you like to know how to increase your immune system? For now, for this Coronavirus and then for all the other shits may come in your way? Say it! Say yes! Feel fucking excited about it! (Well, if your answer to my first question, do you want to be scared or feel good; if you decided to stick to your familiar feeling of worry or fear, you may not want to do the below exercises to improve your immune) Also note that I’m skipping the healthy eating, drinking, and exercise thinking you already know that!

So yes, these are ways you can boost your immune system:

Wim Hof Breathing Technique

Practice doing this technique. It’s simple. You don’t have to believe a special belief system. The only thing you have to believe is “your mind is so powerful”. The follow the steps Wim explains. He’s a cool guy 🙂 He’s a mountain nature guy. He was using himself as a test subject to help doctors to learn how he was doing some “impossible things”, and now all he wants is to spread this power. The power is with you.

You can download the app here.

Or simply watch this guided video, it’s my favorite, just lay down and follow his guidance.

Immune System Activation, Qi-Qong Method

This video illustrates very well the Eastern method of increasing your immune system. Now at first, you need to be motivated enough to get used to Master Mantak Chia’s English. Then listen to some scientific details on how the immune system works, red-white blood cells, kidneys, etc.. Very good stuff guys! Then activating those fighter cells and train them in the army camp for future days in case you get attacked… LOL. Doesn’t make sense? Just watch this kinda long video. Every second of it is so valuable.

Note my image on top has the red balls, represents the white blood cells fighting the dangerous organisms in the body, like in our case COVID viruses. We need those WBC, so this video below shows how to increase them and then make them train to get even better.

And laughter, he also talks about laughter… which comes to the last tip:

Laughing On Purpose

OMG! This is big. We need to learn this in schools! Just like how to meditate. So laughter has a healing effect on the body. Think about people who genuinely laugh a lot… They live long, they look young, they feel young, and they are happy most importantly.

That one was the hardest for me. I can laugh at the present moment when something happens funny. But with purpose? I literally opened funny youtube videos, and since my goal is to laugh I could just smile and laugh quietly, but not a big HAHA laugh. I then found this video! I think it’s the best on that topic. Celeste did a great job:

Everyday laugh at least 10 mins! And if you watched the previous Qi-Qong video then you know you can direct the laughter energy to specific body points. If you have kids, you could do it together. “Hey kids party time, dance a bit and then laugh, NO REASON!!! Well actually there is a reason, you’ll know it, they don’t have to know it. You’re the leader of the family. Lead them nicely 🙂


Now, I’m going to eat breakfast and my next tips will be about these:

– What if you feel like your all world is upside down, you lost your job, your marriage is canceled, you don’t have any savings and can’t work, serious stuff, I have some tips.

– For office people, how to work from home happy and also productive…

– And for anyone who’s interested, how to transition your work to ONLINE, for now, but who knows maybe you’ll like that more? 🙂

I’ll keep updating this post. Let me know how these tips work on you, which one is your favorite? Which one is hard on you? How are you surviving coronavirus? 🙂 And if you think there is some helpful info in my “How to Prevent Coronavirus” post, please share it with your social network, and your friends and loved ones. 🙏❤️

Love you,