***I’m okay!! 🙂 Thanks so much for your caring messages.. I love you all..

Laying down in a bed, nurses carry me around in the hospital.. “It’s like a shopping cart, whenever I have one, I drive them, and play with them, and sometimes hit them..” I’m thinking.. This time, there is me in the cart though..

emergency room experienceI had to go to ER today for a minor pain!! (Everything is good Mom!) I was panicked and so had to go ER.

During the tests, and etc.. There is a guy asking some information about me. Name, address, and then that question: emergency contact.
– I don’t have one.
– family? friends? boy friend? don’t you have anyone?!
– nope. I don’t have an emergency contact. I can give a friend’s number, but not like an emergency number, is that okay?
– never mind, no worries!

Laying down in my hospital bed patient cart, thinking:

– how hungry I am,
– how many hours passed,
– how much the bill will be,
– please someone take this IV thing away from me!
– how come I don’t have an emergency contact..
– what if something happens to me, like they want to test some new treatment or something on me, and I’m gone,
– there is no one they have to answer to!!!
– and also I don’t have an emergency contact. no one in the hospital giving me water, or some cracker.. darn I’m hungry.. it’s 5pm, no breakfast yet.. and needles on my arm, it hurts, I can’t move..
– most people has a visitor.
– doctor has beautiful blue eyes, and very kind.. taking off my shoes, shoot I have my blue socks!
– is this cool, or pathetic that I have no emergency contact..

I’m home now, I’ll never go to a hospital with my own decision again.. at least without an emergency contact.. such a torture! I always say I’m a one-man-band, I was not happy about it at all..! Talking to my friend, she said: “girlll!! why you didn’t let me know?! I could come with you! and you went without eating anything..?!” Really?! 🙂

So, do you have an emergency contact? If so, who is it?? (I promise, I won’t get jealous.. I’ll just get some future ideas 🙂 )