Avengers could be a better movie, as it was so easy to eliminate the bad guys, but was worth seeing it totally…!

Just watched the Avengers Age of Ultron at a movie theater in Union Square..
Gotta talk to you, as I was thinking who I can call to talk about what it made me think, when I left my friends going home.. You of course!!

  1.  I watched the trailer of new Terminator movie, I was almost crying + screaming, getting crazy..!! Didn’t know Arnold was making another terminator.. Looks AMAZING!!!!!
  2. I love Terminator.. I watched a tone of times. I can tell clearly it’s one of my TOP 3 movies.
  3. Terminator was all about how robots were taking control of the world, humans, and how they were getting super dangerous when they develop (humans develop) artificial intelligence.
  4. And the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron was about how artificial intelligence could be the end of the world.
  5. And then I think about our dear Stephen Hawking warns about a.i. could end the mankind and he’s not alone in this along with Elon Musk, and so.
  6. Black Widow Avengers

    Black Widow, Natasha, my favorite female character

    Damn. I always think: if there is one person out there can think about “something”, then it could happen. So these movies, books we watch and read, could happen. There is always a reality about it. Like when Jules Verne wrote his books, nobody believed it could be possible what he wrote). And that scares me. Kinda.  I’m not obsessively scared, otherwise it’s an endless hole, everything is possible?! But still, after watching the movie:


    New character, who’s not with us anymore. Cute. Dead.

  7. A.I. is with us. Our apps we’re using, my assistant who talks to me: “good morning, what would you like to do today?”, these new games (I totally believe the game developers will be the leading ones in artificial intelligence technologies): WE live it already. 

    With or without robots, A.I is developing fast. Check out this article to read more about that scary shoot.


  1. I think my favorite female character in earth is Black Widow. Oh she’s the best. She rocks. Love her. Also, love Scarlet. We definitely need more amazing female superheros, role models like her.
  2. harley cute motorcycle for girls

    baby harley for nesli

    I love Iron man, he’s the smartest ever! Since Ally Mcbeal, love Robert Downey Jr. But with the Ironman character ahh, so hot!

  3. I made my kind of last decision about getting a motorcyle. I want it. Not a everyday riding, as it’s dangerous in the city. But I want this baby harley, and also this sexy ninja. 🙂


    hot ninja for nesli

  4. Oh lastly, I liked that not exist anymore new character a lot too.