Ask Me Anything Movie Ending Spoiler!

*Edit: Thanks everyone for their input in the comments. I think we have some answers!! 🙂 *

This post is for people who watched the movie called “Ask Me Anything”. I know it’s such a pity I have a post about it, but come on: such an amazing movie, made me feel and think! I have to write! I didn’t expect that.. As I think no one really expected it would be a romantic, dramatic, deep, so deep that I’m not even sure the therapist has understood her yet. Oh boy. I just finished and I searched online to find out what the ending really meant. Nothing out there really, so here I’m writing about the blogger and see if anyone has an idea about it.

ASK-ME-ANYTHING-movie-endingHere’s what I think: she was looking for love. Because of the way she experienced with her neighbor when she was 6 years old, now whenever she gets sexual, she feels loved, which it kinda contradicts but the reason she stopped showering and give no care about her body is also what happened when she was 6 with the neighbor. So she’s damn confused. In the end, after the bookstore guy offered her to take care of the baby and regardless she can use his upstairs, she felt free and good and loved.. But when just we thought it’s the end, she was gone! The characters we were watching including herself, actually just like how she blogged about, but reality was different. WHERE DID SHE GO? Or what happened?

1. She got a phone call and left, never came back.
2. Detectives found all 3 guys, so means she didn’t ran away with any of them.
3. After her pregnancy she left a note to the guy who got engaged with the French woman: CALL ME, and she called him and said she’s thinking about abortion, etc, he hang up.. In the end, he told detective that he never knew she was pregnant.
4. She texted the married guy whose baby she was babysitting: We need to talk.
5. Also, remember, she sent a letter to the neighbor who abused her… as therapist suggested.

So what happened????? I just want to brainstorm! 🙂