Hi everyone, and my lovely Alpacas;

I was thinking, feeling and living with my new year resolutions starting the beginning of December 2017. Then Christmas, New Year’s my brother visited, and he left in mid Jan. So just now I can actually activate my new year’s resolutions. This a list of things I want  to achieve am achieving in this new year 2018:

I’m learning how to meditate properly:

This year I’d like to quiet down my mind which I never wanted to do that before. I loved my chaotic mind. But now I am ready. I want to control the flow of my thoughts and emotions. At least not be controlled by my emotions or other’s actions. With one single command to myself, I want to turn to an empty headed living creature. Whoaaa? Empty headed dumb person? Well, not dumb silly, just mindful, clean mind, etc is how they describe it. You reset the mind and then you can think, focus and feel however you want to. Started a meditation journal, follow it here.

I’m having an awesome exciting morning routine

Oh yes, that, morning routine. The most important part of the day. However you start it goes that way. Since I don’t have a job that makes me required to wake up early, I need to work on many techniques to wake up early  and keep a routine. I can write a book about morning routines, so let’s keep it short here:

9 – 9:15am. Wake up, tell Alexa to play some happy songs (who though??)
Wash the face with cold water
Put water on the stove for the tea
9:15am  ~10 mins yoga, stretching, mindfulness, headstand  (till water boils)
9:30 – 10am Review my day and calendar while I sip my hot delicious tea. Also, listen watch read something motivational, educational or inspiring. I have time till 10am to start my work day.
10am – 12pm work work. uninterrupted 2 hours of work with toilet breaks if needed.

I’m doing yoga every week twice at least

Yes, I’m doing yoga every week at least twice. My yoga journey started 2017 summer, by going to Bryant Park free yoga activities. At first I was there to just take their photos, then I said let’s do it. And oh boy.. That literally changed my life. I attracted many beautiful things to my life, and darn I became much more attractive. My muscles became longer shape and toned. Those stretches and postures I always disliked and found boring, I was looking forward to them every week. Well no surprise I started going to my gym’s yoga after Bryant Park’s yoga is closed for winter. Till this Christmas, I was going every Thursday and Saturday for yoga. THAT FEELS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! My body feels happy. Truly happy. And I learned how to headstand and that helps. So this year I’m digging into yoga more. At least twice, and including different types, like hot yoga, bikram yoga, etc..

I’m swimming once a week

My favorite places in New York to hangout is one my home, second my gym. I love being there, and it’s dangerous I can spend 5-8 hours there!!!!! I’m truly happy there, doing workouts, classes, basketball, climbing and swimming ending with jacuzzi. Again, it’s not so functional. This year I’m dividing my activities. I won’t do them all. Weekends one day swimming. That’s all. I can combine some of them together like I can do yoga, basketball and swimming. But not 5 hours. Shortly, once a week I’m swimming. It’s relaxing, good for my back, muscles and hopefully I can improve my style.

I’m learning how to play violin and guitar

Last Thanksgiving seeing my friend’s 80 years old grandma who taught herself how to play violin and played for everyone. I was extremely impressed, and ordered my violin right there on the table from my phone, and of course from Amazon. I’m going to play you all some songs next Thanksgiving. Every week at least one day practicing and learning. Then the rest of the days it’s important to take it at hand to get familiar not forget the instrument. Since one day is not actually enough..

Guitar. Love it. I always played doing the same things, making sounds. It relief stress and so. This year I actually want to learn some notes and songs. Keep on tune!

I’m practicing saying no to any activity/person who’s lowering my energy

This is what I learned from a video of guy called Dan Sullivan, not a great speaker, but he has a point. Do things that give you good vibes. Drink things gives you good vibes. Be with people who give you good energy. You got the idea. If we’re all formed with energy, following the good/shit vibrations could be a great roadmap of life as which way to go.

So I’m practicing exactly this. So far so good. We’ll talk more about it later. But let me just give an example: the guy and the woman are married for 10 years. They hate being together. But they have kids, they have the pressure of being together because of family and friends. According to the Dan Sullivan rule, you cut that bad energy. Why this torture to the kind self (and to your partner). The argument is not how to, comfort zones, ethics, etc.. Bring on the good vibes.

I’m journaling more

Oh.. This one makes me sad and happy. I used to journal all of my life. My journals were my besties next to my books. Reading them back again made me laugh and cry at the same time, I’m a great writer at the end 😉 However, I stopped. That the part which makes me sad. I couldn’t write for years. I think those are the years I was disconnected to myself, the world, the people. So now, the part makes me happy is I’m conscious now and I’ll journal in this 2018. That’s exciting! 🙂

So, these are my 2018 new year’s resolutions. I don’t even know what resolution means. re-solution? baah, these are my lifestyle goals this year. What are yours? And most importantly how does it go?