Hello you – beautiful person,

Welcome to the Girl On The Bike (#GOTBNY). So, who am I and what’s all this about with GOTB and what to expect?

My name is Nesli living in New York. I see life as a bike ride, so while I keep pedaling, I also enjoy the ride! Please join my bike ride, because sharing makes it better.

I will be in your screens with different adventures each time, adventures with self, others and the world. I’ve been always hungry for “living“, “loving” and “learning“, so expect these there words popping in your life: Live Love Learn.

“Life is like a bicycle“, said Einstein. GOTB is my bike ride.. These are the main categories of girlonthebike.com:

  • “Live”: live the life. Not just breathing, but also feeling alive, being thankful for all these beautiful things we have in our daily lives. You’ll bike with me to cities, breathing its air, talking with the locals (hopefully in their languages), surfing, climbing, dancing, going to local events.
  • “Learn”: I love my brain. What makes who I am, is (yes my soul which can be very romantic and uncontrolled sometimes) my mind. It’s a very powerful tool. These “learn” series is designed for keeping your mind active, efficient and controlled. Teach me something, I’ll love you forever! Change your mind, change your life.
  • “Love”: We’re useless without love, and we all have some sort of deep issues to work on, (oh I do). Forever. Like to love someone, love thy self, maintain it, and definitely loving the life and world around you. Think these “love” series as a meditation to your lovely soul and heart.
  • “Interview On The Bike – Bike With Nesli”: This is the new series, I interview my guests while we bike, in the crazy New York background. Love it!!
  • “Periscope Diary”: Hmm, look where technology brought to us. I love my little live streamings with my followers in Periscope. Did I say it’s live and interactive? 🙂 I don’t feel lonely anymore. I know you’re there, talking to me, and seeing me instantly with one phone click.

I am excited you’re with me in this bike ride. Ready for an adventure? Let’s make one! Hop on, hold on and let’s go for a ride.