So I was thinking I’ll definitely write how and why I loved my last summer. Okay, let’s dive into a list of my highlights of 2019 and mm we can talk about the plans of 2020.. haha such an interesting year, 2020…

I loved my summer in 2019 in New York because:

Road Trips

May 5th started with a 5-day road trip to Maine with a convertible rental car with a sweet girlfriend. Loved that. I love driving and saw Stephen King’s apartment, and Acadia national park.. Read the details here. Then I’ve done 2 more road trips with rental convertibles. Always good.

Dating Myself

Last summer I was dating myself. Let me tell you, it was amazing. Amazing. I’ll explain why last summer has been the best so far.

I was at a concert dancing my soul out, then the singer said something like “now hug your friend next to you; this summer is going to be great”. Now, I was there alone, happy, I put my hands on my neck on my back… I felt this great appreciation and love, I said “girl, we’ll have a great summer together”

Dating self? What? How does it work?

First, it was not for all eternity, it was just for the summer, a short fling thing… to keep it more exciting.

Second, it was not a really conscious decision, it just came inside of me at that time in the outdoor concert… I was at a place where I did loved who I became, how I looked, felt, acted, thought… I liked what types of activities I enjoyed doing, and I was grateful to have me, be me. So I was not going to wait for the prince charming so we could go out there do things, or a BFF to convince to do things together…

I went to a few Broadway shows, for some reason, I always waited for a “date” to invite me to go to a Broadway show. For instance, I went to Harry Potter, although I love Harry Potter, I realized I don’t like to sit down and watch shows… Arghhh, not my thing at all. So boring and not comfy. Opera? I sleep at opera…

I went to watch the sunsets and read my books at the Hudson River, with myself, and it was such a pleasure.

I prepared breakfasts, made tea, cooked dinners, wrote journals, took hot baths, took massages, I just treated myself with love and care and curiosity…

That’s number one why last summer was great! Because I was in this mood, the rest followed happily.

Sailing in New York ⚓️⛵️

Oh baby baby… Wow wow… This is huge!! Things that I don’t like at the beginning sometimes turn out to become my favorites, like New York, hated it at first; sailing is the same.. Let’s start from the beginning.

I’ve been in boats, catamarans, yachts, and sails before. And I never liked them. I was a bit claustrophobic maybe? Did I want the security of the land? It was a lot of work to be on them.. not sure but I didn’t enjoy them.

So, when my friend Lisa asked me to go to a winery for a birthday party of her friend I said yes, I loved nature and wineries. So the birthday guy and his boyfriend had this cutest setup, plates, silverware, and very importantly strawberries. They were delicious. Not the ones you buy from the street. They were of good quality. And it turns out most people at that birthday party remember me when I was in his two year’s ago birthday party, which I ended up playing ping-pong most of the time, and drunk. My brother was visiting me, and people at the winery, was like “oh yes, you were with your brother” and I was like 🤔😱 how can you remember!?

So the point is, the strawberries represented their mindset to me. I loved the group and the quality of them and everything else including the wine. I wished in my mind to “be their friends”. Being friends with someone you just met is so difficult, I met people I told them to let’s be friends, we forgot about each other. It’s just a big extra effort unless it happens organically. That’s why I wished in my heart to be real friends with that couple. Friends like you share experiences and bond together..

2 weeks later I received a message from the birthday guy, he was asking me they have one spot open in their private sailing group, and if I wanted to join. I said yes! Did I like sailing? Not really. But I knew that was an answer to my wish to be friends with them and it was gonna be good whatever we do together. So that’s how the next 5 months started…

Every week we sailed into the New York waters, sunsets, and some sleepovers. Hmm.. hard to explain with words. I’ve met some amazing people. I’ve danced. I’ve drunk wine and even champagne tasted good. I’ve been blessed with the moonlight and bathed my eyes with its reflection on the water. Made friends with the Statue of Liberty. I got familiar with Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline. I’ve learned how to sail, a bit……. ahaha

I’ve learned just a bit because it was so nice, first weeks maybe months I took so many pictures, and then the food and snacks we would all bring were so yum especially when you’re on the water. I made myself busy with other stuff.. Only 2-3 times I’ve learned about sailing and learned the wind direction and the jargon, which I’m terrible at jargons. Oh also, just a note, I’ve met many guests – friends of the captain, they were all remembering me from the party of 2 years ago… I was like “Hi, nice meet you”, they “Oh I remember you”… So that’s the mysterious memory I barely remember but others remember…

Sailing was one of the best investments ever in my life. I was thinking oh, I’ll do it next year for sure. But, it looks like no more this summer with the Corona stuff. But still, there is a chance and waiting to hear good news. Oh, these are some photos of the sail, it’s bigger than most of our apartments, and a very nice boat.

You can see some pictures on my @girlonthesail 😋 Also, the birthday guy, the captain, the best calm caring fun captain is my friend now. Like a real friend 💙Thank you!

Outsiders Events

This one is easy! Anyone can do it!

I went to most events organized by Outsiders. Surfing, Tubing, Biking, Kayaking… Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! I have amazing memories and experiences. New friends… It’s really hard to explain with words. I’m working on some videos, God knows when I’ll finish editing them. But I’ll post them here.

Outsiders is an adventure group they have sponsors, so you only pay a little bit, get the experience, shuttle, drinks, snacks… drinks.. lots of free drinks…

Surfing in NYC, I always wanted to learn how to surf, and tried, with teachers and rentals, but it didn’t work!!! This summer there was a team of the instructors and it worked really well! 🙂 I stood many times, and I have pictures of me surfing 🏄‍♀️ ❤️ 😜

Tubing in Deleware… It was so lovely… Floating… Drinking… I lost my Sony action camera there. If someone finds it there, all the footage of me and my friends, having fun with the beautiful trees around us, great weather… and completely shirt-face Nesli 🤪 (every day at least 10 phone+camera falls into the water, so seriously if someone wants to scuba dive there, let’s do it!!!)

Biking… 🚴‍♀️ 😍We biked again to the beach, Rockway… It’s an annual ride from Manhattan to the Rockaway. Biking, then to the beach, having lots of good time… drinks.. volleyball… and then shuttle takes you back to the city.

Chelsea Piers Fitness Center

First of all, if you’re going to be a member at my gym, please use my name so we both get referral gifts 🎁 😚

So, this gym is sooooooo adorable. I love going there to yoga, cardio group classes, and most importantly sundeck. I sunbathed, watched the sunsets, did yoga in the sunsets, read my books, meditated, dreamed, observed, napped…

They are high-quality professionals became like a family to me. Friends. I miss them, can’t wait to go there soon…

On my birthday, I went there and spend all day there. In the evening they had a sunset happy hour event, which had live jazz music and a lovely sunset. What a forking gift!!!! 💕

Spin New York & PingPong

Hmm, I was at Spin the ping pong club at least 2-3 times a week. I was there during the day times, and then I’d go there for evening times too… 🙃🙈 I don’t know how to say it but I can’t imagine a life without Spin. Such a fun place. Music, drinks, ping pong, friends who’re also interested in table tennis… lovely, lovely. I started @girlonpingpong but can’t update it because I always get very busy there, don’t have time to post my sweaty face 😳🏓

How about the summer of 2020?

I love it. I think it’s all about the overall decision about how you want to feel. In March I’ve taken a class from Richard Bandler just before the Airport shutdowns.. Ahhhhhh so amazing. He has a book I recommend, Thinking on Purpose.

So I wake up, and if I don’t forget, if it’s a normal day, I ask myself, how do I want to feel today? And decide the feeling. Excited, motivated, calm, productive, creative, grateful, active, focused… those are the answers I give most of the days. Sometimes there are ups and downs, otherwise what’s the point of feeling great all the time… Seriously I love the balance of dark-light, hunger-food, tears-laughters, thirst-water… And as a woman, I believe our hormones, menstruation and moon, all effect the happiness hormones and our psyche. I definitely have ups and downs. Yet I keep my downs very short and brief; especially if I’m aware that I’m having a downtime.

So I was almost buying a convertible car, so I would get away from the city.. and wouldn’t have to rent it all the time. When I shared that with my Instagram friends I’ve got 40+ NO and reasons. 2 YES no reasons. LOL, so I’m not doing that.

I bought a foldable bicycle tho, planning to bike a lot this summer, a lot! I still have my scooter, and lovely but I want to exercise and Citibike is not good for that just like my scooter, @girlonthescooter 🤪, I should have thanked my scooter especially for last summer’s memories and already this year. It’s a fun toy that I enjoy a lot 🙂

Okay babies, that’s all… Summary, this year’s agenda:

Improving my guitar and electric guitar skills
Mastering my handstands, yay!
Starting my and Nesli.TV 🥰
Feeling more love & gratitude.
Self-development continues…

love you,

P.S tell me what’s 2 things that you’re looking forward to doing in this summer?

NOTE: OMG! I’m loving my corona 2020 summer so much!! Update is coming soon!! 🎉