Hmm, what can I say?

Spring and fall in New York is the best seasons in the world. Because winter is freezing cold, rainy, snowy, and everything else, and summer is extremely hot, humid and sweaty. So when it’s spring or fall.. everybody.. becomes so happy! 🙂 Can you imagine why?

So if you were living somewhere, where all seasons are like spring or fall, you wouldn’t feel as happy as a New Yorker who had the winter or summer in the city.

The song I used in the video is called “Disclosure – You & Me ft. Eliza Doolittle (Flume Remix)”,
and I love it. I can’t stop listening it..

My lovely friends Kristin, Sammy & Suzie are awesome volleyball players as you can see in the video! (I can’t play volleyball, my wrists hurt, and I scare the ball, really!)

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