“WebCongress is a leading source for digital marketing strategies, business and new trends in the Tech Industry!” And so I went to see how they are doing it, and had a great time meeting these industry leaders and learning from them. When they asked me to invite my friends there for my birthday, I said: sure!! And had a blast! Thanks all for stopping by.. 🙂

I think I told every single person I met that day, that it was my birthday.. The videos, (the one I’m watching before editing), every minute, “oh by the way, it’s my birthday!!” One guy I was asking, “it’s my birthday, what do you think, and he says: “it’s the 100 times I heard it today” :))

Well, I think I’m getting more peaceful with aging, and there are two reasons for that: having great friends, and being more confident of the ways I’m going to with my life.. Before it used to be “time passing without my control”, since I didn’t know what to do with my life, and birthdays were challenging.. This year, however, I was happy.. 🙂

Webcongress was amazing!! I made some really nice friends there, I learned a lot about the new technology trends. 🙂 Yay!

It’s never too late to wish a happy age!! Write in the comments! 🙂