This week’s video: I LOVE SUMMER nights. And I totally love people on the Hudson River Side, biking, running.. I love you all…

While biking at the Hudson riverside, you know, I get high. I feel love. I become love. I live the present moment, it’s uncontrollable. The breeze flies my hair around, I listen some guitar instrumental music with my headset, and feel alive. People smile at me, I smile at them back. So nice. This is the feeling/story I’m trying to bring on your screens, so made this teaser video as what’s coming soon. (edit: coming soons never come soon!!!)

If I want to bike with no handlebars, it means I’m so happy and feels like a child. While I was trying to carry these moments to you, I realized all these people running, biking, skating were sharing kind of same feelings with me. So I couldn’t stop loving them. Loving people and around us is in general is easy, but choosing being not and being judgmental is easier.

Do you have your own moments which makes you feel so alive and focus on the present, and just feel the love is you and all of the world around you? I’d love hear your moments if it’s not so secret! 🙂

Love you. a lot!