Silent Retreat Vipassana Meditation Centers in New York Upstate?

Oh such a long title,ย Silent Retreat Vipassana Meditation Centers in New York Upstate. Question mark in the end because I’m researching where I can go and experience this weird thing, silent meditation thing.

What you can’t do at silent retreat is endless:

For 10 days, you can NOT talk.
No talking.
No eye contact too much with others.
No communication of any type, like TV, internet, phone, or…
Reading, or…..
More is coming..

You can’t write a thing. No pen and paper. What if I think amazing things, and wanna remember because they are super creative and I’ll forget them if not written?!

Yes, that’s the only thing makes me worried about the silence retreat.. no writing.

Oh, other thing which makes me worried is probably you have to wake up at 4am! 4AM!!!!!!!! FOUR AM in the freaking night ๐Ÿ˜€ Like just after I go to bed :)) LOL. I’m laughing now but would it be harsh on me?

Yes, yes it’ll be harsh probably, but that’s the point, torture yourself. Right?

Other thing is.. you wake up and meditate. Till 9pm, you always meditate. Non stop meditation. I don’t even know what meditation is. I can focus on my breath and not think for 1-2 minutes. What I am supposed to meditate, how for all day, 10 days?

Oh, oh, one more thing, you can’t exercise, literally… no yoga, no body movement so much :((((( it says in break times, you can walk as an exercise?! haha ๐Ÿ™

So the summary, I’m looking for a place in Upstate, that offers silent retreats, donation only, nothing commercial, and wake up early, and sit down, and do nothing, and meditate and hopefully find and listen that little soul inside me..? Right? That’s the purpose? I’ll keep you updated.

Any thoughts people? Join the conversation below, and remember I love you. Always.