I was walking with a client and a colleague to show some commercial spaces, when I saw him. He was sitting on some stairs. Time just freezed, because I know him so well! His eyes, lips, face.. so familiar.. Our eyes kept connected, and I whispered myself how do I know you?!

During my meeting, I was getting really nervous how I can forget.. Our showing was done with our client, and I told my colleague to wait me for 2 minutes. I went back, he was still there, but stood up and walking towards me. I stopped him pushing his chest, and said

“Hey, I know you! Where did we meet? I can’t remember!!!”

He smiled.. His teeth.. so familiar, like I know him so well.. said “maybe from TV?”

I was like whaaat? (Never thought about it. And I don’t watch TV for around 11 years, but I do watch Netflix!) “Which show?”

“The Following?”

“Ahhhhh, (and a slightly long wait) okay!!!! It makes sense..”

I watched The Following in two days or so, loved it so much. It’s about a tribe/community (like Seth Godin’s book), and that cute boy was acting there… Because I take it too serious what I read and watch, I never think them as actors, they are real people to me, especially when it’s a movie and their face is too close to our screens, it just felt like I knew him.

That’s my awkward story. Anything like that happened to you? Oh here, a buzzfeed story about him.

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