Hey guys,

So, I passed my DMV Road Test after a long time trying.. The scheduling system is online and takes months to find a spot available. There is no place in Manhattan to take the test, so my first test area was in Queens, after waiting for months, when I went there with my friends car, my friend was screaming at me: “You don’t know how to reverse park?!!” and I was like “I know, but just forgot how! I just need to practice quickly to remember!”

Then when it was my turn, I realized I needed my certificate from school, which I didn’t bring with me.. And BAM! I can’t take the road test!

Then when I looked for next spots to register another test, they were all booked! Like the next 3 months are all unavailable. That was so frustrating.

Because of these experiences, I suggest:

Work with a school who will schedule your appointment and give you driving lessons FOR THE TEST! Very helpful. 

I took my next test and the school in Bronx! They were professional and cars were nice.

And dammmm I have a driver license, now I can drive whenever I find a car key 😀