As soon as I moved to Miami, I was bombarded with questions and I wanted to write a post and answer and tell the story of my moving, and it’s been now 3 months! So here I go!

I moved from New York after 10 years of living in Manhattan, and SO MANY questions from you guys… I’ll answer them below, if you have new ones, I’ll add them here, so let me know.

First of all, I wanted to make a title, Why you shouldn’t move from New York to Miami – just to keep the beauties of Miami to myself, and well we’re not that much loved here… but anyway, so…

Nesli, why did you move away from New York? How did it happen?

I was seeing lots and lots of people were moving away from New York when Covid started, and you can read it here, I’ve really enjoyed my time with the city when it was empty… I’ve enjoyed my time in New York a lot!!! (upstate bike/train rides, Rockaway beach rides, Madison Square Park yoga and workout sessions, PICKLEBALL!..) No tourists, no crowds… My bike and scooter.. a few friends. I loved it. LOVED IT!

When I was talking with friends who’ve “escaped” the city when the Covid started or 2020 summer, I was telling “Oh my God, you’re missing out a historical time, the city is being cleansed and it’s amazing.” We were enjoying outdoor dining in the city – which is amazing, it transformed the city and lifestyle, which is a whole another topic! But then 2020 winter arrived….

It was cold – again. At first it was okay. I could still meet my friends outside, still ride bikes, etc.. Cold got even colder and snowier. No outdoor workouts, or not enough motivations to do my yoga outside in the cold really. But then it started being real cold. I went to Miami for 4-5 days to get some sun. And it was amazing. Met 3 friends, interviewed them all, about the life, and where to move, etc… I loved what I saw, it was surreal, there was no COVID in Miami magically. lol.

I remember my biggest questions were:
How are the people and would I enjoy their friendship?
Does the dating world really suck in Miami? Guys in Miami vs guys in NYC?
Would the beach and sun become so usual and I’d never go to beach and enjoy it?
Should I move to Downtown, Mid-beach or South Beach, where people are more techie and young professionals, etc, less touristic and more coffee shops to work from?

After talking with my friends, I’ve made an apartment list. I came back to New York, started looking at apartments, and saw one online, found a broker, since we don’t pay the broker fee, yay, and I applied without actually seeing the apartment, got approved, and 2 weeks later I moved!!!!!

What was in your must have lists?

Well I do love list. I have made a few one.

Miami Apartment Must Haves:

  • Safe neighborhood.
  • Bright, spacious – suitable to use as a video studio for my Youtube.
  • Not an old people living space or kids, more young professionals.
  • Hard wood floor – not cold marble!
  • High ceiling please – maybe a loft?

Harley Must Haves:

  • Smaller
  • Quieter
  • New – safe
  • Where do I put all the paddles? Balls? Extra clothes, jackets, etc?
  • Storage space?
  • Good gas consumption. 1 full tank goes how many miles? How many gallons can it fit?

Lol, looking at this list make me smile now…. I knew I had to find a way to commute to pickleball courts in somewhere else, because South Beach don’t have any pickleball courts, unlike New York! Grrr.. And I ended up with a beautiful Honda CBR not a loud Harley! 😀

Questions List:

  • Can I paddleboard at the beach?
  • OR better at the bay?
  • Better coffee shops at bay side or beach side?
  • Better community in bay or beach?
  • Better work spaces?

That is what’s written in my little note-book. (I love keeping notes to keeps things recorded).

I believe in law of attraction very much, I think because I was keeping my frequencies and vibrations high, I have found the best possible place. Now, if you want to move to New York, know that apartment listings you see online are mostly FAKE, to attract tenants. Also apartments get rented so fast, there is no way someone can take the photo and then still the apartment is available. But in Miami, it’s different. Most if not all, listings are real. They are very much strict about real estate here, the fees for realtors are higher, exams are difficult too.. So in short, real estate is more serious business in Miami, and the apartment I remotely applied and signed the lease for was REAL! HA! And the most beautiful apartment I’ve ever seen. Has everything I wanted from my vision board dream apartment. The only explanation I have for this happening is: law of attraction. Trusting the God and my journey, and following it. So I moved to South Beach!

You just decided to move in 2 weeks, how were you so sure? Didn’t you get worried at all?

Well, well… If you asked me that question, “I was like oh yea, I was sure.” But if you ask my friend Rich who I drove from New York to Miami with… he’d say different things.

After like a week or so later I moved to my apartment, I met him, and he said “you look relieved and happy”. I was puzzled “why? I was not happy before?” I asked.

He said, “Hell no! Till the moment you moved inside the apartment, you were so worried….” and then it did reminded me!

I was actually worried for these:

  • is the apartment really real?
  • how are the bathrooms – I didn’t even see pictures of them?
  • will I really get the key?
  • what if the neighborhood is bad?
  • what if the beach is so far?
  • what if I’ll miss New York?
  • what if this is all a mistake?
  • what is waiting for me there?
  • will I be able to pay the rent? LOL

So I stepped in the apartment, and a few things happened:

  • I felt that I’ve made it!
  • The apartment is real and better than the pictures.
  • Missing NYC? Absolutely no!!! Opposite what was I waiting for? Why not move before?!

How did you move all your stuff furniture from New York to Miami?

Ha ha! I’ve did spent a bit of time researching that. There are a few options:

  • Uhaul
  • Rental car with a trailer on the back
  • Minivan

I’ve decided to rent a Minivan, from Alamo, and I was gonna fit ALL my life into it! I sold or gave away furniture, kitchen stuff, etc, everything! (Offerup is a great app for that local buying or selling anything) But I had lots of stuff to take with me. When my friend Rich saw my bags, and packs – he was puzzled and couldn’t believe we can fit all this 3 rooms of stuff into a small minivan. Well, we did in the end. My two guitars, scooter, bike, luggages, shoes!!! books!! We did it! If Rich wasn’t coincidentally in New York for a pingpong tournament I don’t know how I could make it! But remember the LOA – everything went very smoothly – thankful!

We drove in 2 days, stayed a night at Richmond. I highly recommend a break, as that helped me a lot.

How was the first two nights in Miami?

Hmm, thanks for asking this question 😜. First two nights…. important. Because I was so sick. I think it’s the driving high speed for two days, and all the adrenaline from it… I was releasing the stress from my body by having severe headaches, neck pain, stomach pain, etc… I was sick!

2 days later, I was feeling better at last… at night I had the desk and chair… ( was sleeping on air mattress – till I unbox the new mattresses)

I had the desk, and on it, my journal. I was writing to it. And I started crying hysterically. The words going on mind and lips was “Is this real?” I couldn’t believe that I was living in the clouds. I was writing under moon light. I was waking up at night not because the outside lights were bright, but the moon was bright and close!

I felt so much joy in my heart. I felt incredibly lucky, blessed by God, hearing the sounds of the waves always! I remember crying and saying, “God, is this real? What did I do to deserve such beauty?”

Where did you get your new furniture?

I would have bought some amazing furniture from offerup app, but logistics and now living in a elevator doorman building, hard to organize those stuff.. So I’ve used Wayfair, Amazon, IKEA, Target for shopping the furniture and the essentials.

You’ve said Motorcycle, why motorcycle? Is is safe to ride in Miami?

This whole moving thing was just following my intuition plus the mind of course. I loved and still love motorcycles and speed. When I was making the quick decision to move to Miami, I was also saying goodby to meet my prince and have a family, because duh the best men live in New York – my type determined bla bla bla.. So I knew I was not going to date in Miami. I gave up on the very confusing love relationship thing for me. I was so relieved. So yes! It was easy to decide to get a motorcycle too! That’s my true dream.

I was gonna live the life of my dreams. The love that I was expecting from others – family, dates, etc, I was going to give it to myself! I had the love to give to myself. Of course still, if there is my unicorn man shows up, I’m open. Wait, okay so the motorcycle.

Riding a motorcyle is a great meditation for me. Mind shuts down talking. It’s a faster version of riding a bicycle in NYC, hair is flying, feeling the wind. It’s a happy place for me.

So when I was driving the rental car from New York to Miami, as soon as we came in Miami starting from Fort Lauredel ( – dam it I can’t spell it) I realized what’s the danger people are talking about! Miami traffic is crazy, nothing like organized controlled NYC traffic.

There is this huge highway – I was calling it FDR at first 😄, everyone is driving there. Amateurs – who’s afraid of driving over 60 MPH, Ferrari renters who speeds, police, cars coming from right and left, no order really. I did get discouraged a bit.

Then like a month later, I signed up for a school online for the motorcycle license, and at the same time I started looking on the Offerup app, sending offers, etc, and then bought one…

There you have, she’s my baby… we can talk later about riding in Miami, how it’s a bit dangerous and how to be carefully riding it. (Mine does go max 85-90 MPH – and it shakes a lot too. Ah Miami is windy, so I got freaked out when I was at the highway first time, the wind is pushing me – bike is shaking with the speed, and it’s only 250 CC. I specifically didn’t want to get a bigger engine for that reason, so I couldn’t go faster.. Now 2 months of practicing it, I feel comfortable and I can share all how to get the license, and be safe riding. Let me know if you want to learn more about it 🙂

How long did it take you to find a job in Miami?

Good news is, I always work from home for my blogs, sometimes taking clients for building their websites, and marketing etc… So I could always work from anywhere. I always chose New York over anywhere else in the world. I would visit Miami 1-2 times a year, but each time I came back to NYC I would feel like “home”. Till the Covid NYC started sucking!

So yes, I was lucky in that department. If you want to move to Miami and get a job….. sorry but there is not many opportunities in these lands. There is always being an Uber driver in the options or working in a restaurant, or getting a job which allows you to work remotely, otherwise Miami doesn’t hold up many job opportunities. If you’re entrepreneurial and can offer what the demands are, then of course every land is your land – and so Miami. I see that the people are very health and spiritual conscious, so you could always get a certification and start giving classes, or sells products or food/drinks…

Apartments are SO much cheaper than New York, however note that 250,000 New Yorkers moved to Miami, as I heard. So they increase the demand to apartments and their price for sale and rent is increasing. Of course still it’s so much cheaper than NYC.