LA vs NYC Comparison:

Okay, it’s been 2 weeks, I was successfully posting a new video every Tuesday and Thursday… This week though, we’ll have to pretend it’s Thursday till Saturday! Pleasee? 🙂

So here’s this Thursday’s video: LA vs NYC, in my very own opinions. If you missed the my general West Coast video, you must watch it here.

Los Angeles vs New York City:

  • LA is clean and smells good.
  • NYC is not clean ever, and doesn’t smell good unless you go to parks/rivers.
  • LA, it’s hard to meet people, where are they?!
  • NYC, people are everywhere! Easy to meet and mingle. (I don’t really know what mingle means, but it sounds like right)
  • LA, you kinda have to drive as it’s the easiest transportation.
  • NYC, you kinda have to use subway as it’s the easiest transportation, also finding and financing parking is an issue.
  • LA, if you can meet people, they are kinda too nice and friendly.
  • NYC, people are never too nice.
  • LA is a bike friendly city.
  • NYC is not a bike friendly city yet, but it’s becoming one slowly!
  • LA, you need to find what to do before you go out..
  • NYC, there is always something going on somewhere out there very easily accessible to you.. Just take a walk..
  • LA, you can drive the cities around like Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, (What’s up with “Santa”? Is it related with Santa Claus?), Venice beach, etc.. Really nice towns around.
  • NYC, if you have a car you can drive upstate or NJ for some nice towns, but you probably won’t have a car.
  • LA has a powerful, positive and relaxing energy.. it’s great for chilling, or people who has solid lives..
  • New York has a powerful, grey and pushing energy.. it’s great for starters, hasslers (spelled it right?) and challenge lovers.
  • New York rent is much higher, and space is so much smaller than LA apartments.
  • In Los Angeles, you can have like a normal life much easier compare to New York, where you’ll live in lower standards probably.
  • Both LA and NYC has traffic issues.

I think this list goes a lot longer, because it’s 2:30am in real Thursday night, I’ll finish it here. Hope you enjoy my video. Please write below what other things are out there as a big difference?

There is one little difference up there is the reason I choose to live in New York. Guess which one? 🙂