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The updated dates are below:

– July 15th, 6pm
– August 5th, 6pm (Sorry, I’ll be in Miami: canceled, but you can still go do it with others!)
– August 20th, 6pm
– August 25th, 6pm

The Downtown Boathouse gives us an opportunity to do free kayaking. I love it! Join me, so we can share the beauty together. Register for free below!

For the previous week’s PHOTOS go to HERE.

Bring extra pair of pants shorts. They have free lockers and keys, so you can lock your bag there. I will email my phone number after you register to the event.

If you can’t do it with me boo. Check out the organizers schedule and do it on your own. Both options are worth doing it! This is their website.

P.S If the weather is not good, there won’t be any kayaking. Just to let you know. Don’t expect me to send you a cancellation notice, because I won’t even know. Weather bad, means not good stuff comes to the river, so it’s a health reason.
P.S.2 Google maps shows the address wrong. Be careful it’s Pier 26. Not 45… So it should be closer to Canal Street.
P.S.3 We’ll probably hang out after! Food, drinks, more sunset, etc..
P.S.4 You should know how to swim.

PHOTOS ARE HERE (Give a second to load)