Okay, here’s the story behind this interview with Bruno Axel:

Years ago, little Nesli meets a VERY talented musician in the New York subway. She takes photos, and get in the subway and goes. However, she shares her impressions about creative and inspiring art in a public place, and bla bla under “My Lovely Subway Crush“. Please read here. This is that blog post.

Months later, someone writes in the comments that his name is Bruno Axel!!! She finds his website built with WIX, and their emails start. She wanted to build his website in WordPress and something nice! And so she did. Here’s his website.

Now you have the whole story, we supposed to have a bike ride, but barely made the interview you can watch now.. I am in love with passionate talented people. People who inspires others to live, breath, dance, love, create better..

This is the Episode 1:

And Episode 2, Bruno’s playing and me faking it, coming soon 🙂