Last week, as you know, I went out for a Super Bowl Ride. When I wanted to go back home.. things happened not expected. I freaked out actually. You can see from my face. If you see me speaking weird (hmm that happens a lot actually), that means I’m in a panic or at least thinking a lot!

Well.. You may see the Grand Central first and last time from this perspective from my bike. I’m not going that crazy Grand Central Station Tunnel again. No way! Tunnels suck. I don’t like them even I’m in a car.

And when I was talking to a friend last week, she was like “you keep going, that’s good”, and I felt good. Some of you are watching my ride, and supporting me to keep doing it..

Also a friend asked me, is there a bigger goal? I got excited: yes!! I launched the website 2 days ago.

Let me know how you like it.

I want you to signup my email newsletter. Does it make you do it? If not, why????

Stay passionate,
girl on the bike