First Time Hiking in the Woods

Hiking.. It all sounds lovely, sweet, natural, active.. However,

Nothing is as easy as it seems. There are many things to know before going to hiking. Oh boy. If I knew..

When my amazing ping-pong friend Lisa asked me to go hiking with her and her friends, I said “YES!”. I periscoped, as usual, and learned that I need to bring some food. So, I bought a 6 packs nutrition shakes, mandarins, one protein bar, and I think that’s pretty much it! I brought my kindle to read and relax in the nature, and my GoPro camera and another camera…

After a 30 minutes bike ride, I met her and her cute Smart car, then you can watch the rest in the video.. We went to Newport Airport, NJ, hiking area. Very cool with the planes..

You may not realize these because there is not many videos close to the end:

  • I thought I was gonna die at the mountains alone..
  • I couldn’t walk anymore.. and other 20 people were moving smooth and fast..
  • I had to use all my willpower and distract myself into “everything is alright” when I wanted to say “I’m desperately stuck in the mountain, I have no where to go, daammn!!!!!”
  • Also, as you see the video, I had to pretend I’ve done hiking before, and knew what to expect when the group leader asked me. 🙁 So I couldn’t wine and cry about my hurt knee.
  • It was only 3-4 hours later after we started and the group was going to stay till late, they had their cooking gas, pasta and so, flash lights, professional shoes, etc..
  • My food, was nothing compared what they brought, and also I ate everything in 1 hour or so..
  • My body was so exhausted… My face were red, you can see in the video a bit.
  • When I heard about the bears and saw the hunters, I was like “ok, fine, deal, just make it quick”.

I’ll make a list of what to expect from a hiking trip and what to bring.. I’m planning to do a lot this summer! As I promised in the video 🙂 I love hiking!!!