My Electra Loft Bike Review:

What happens when the Girl, (me, Nesli, Girl on the Bike) and the Bike, (Electra Loft Bicycle) get together? The story starts with my Periscope live streaming.. I always use citibike, the shared bike system of New York.. My followers gave me the idea of..

Asking some bike companies to send me their bike for 1 week so I can try and give my feedback/review.. When very friendly Electra Bicycle agreed, I had no clue we would have a crash on each other with the bike they sent to me. Maybe it’s because we knew time was limited, and our destiny was not forever, or maybe the weather was nice in the city and my friends were in town, or maybe Loft was light and fast, we had an amazing week together.

Please check out the video of our 1 week time frame, really felt so short.. But because editing took so long, I know we had a long time together.. “time” the confusing concept, our regards to Einstein. (I still need to read about him)

The Loft:

– Beautiful, like in one word.. Beautiful..

– She got a big attention from EVERYONE in the city. Well, she designed as a city bike, light, fast, smooth, good balanced, nice controlling.. I could bike it all with not holding the handlebars..

– So many people offered me to watch it after if I want to go into a store(!), I had to kindly say “no, I’ll take it myself!”

– My previous and only bike got stolen, so I didn’t leave it outside at all. Carried it upstairs in buildings, shopping malls. She was a real city girl 🙂 lol.

–  I didn’t have a chance to get a basket, or bell, but I know she would be customized nicely..

We biked all around Manhattan, and I know it’s discriminating but if Loft was not so pretty, they wouldn’t let her in in some of the places below:

– Central Park

– Hudson River

– Battery Park

– East River Side

– Midtown

– Upper West Side

– Downtown

– Time Square

– Simit Sarayi

– Starbucks

– Century 21

– Subway/Metro

Enjoy watching! And don’t forget to write your comment below 🙂 Did you use Electra bikes before? What do you think about their urban bike Loft? What’s your experience?

Do you have a cute bike that you think we can be a good match?! 🙂 Shoot me a message:

Credits: Photography in Times Square,
Music: Nu Beginingz – Congo Natty