One of my biggest dreams was to own a dog one day. One day in the future where I can offer safety and stability and open space to a loving dog. So years passed and I get this “aha this the time let’s do it” and then I find excuses to not do it. So 2 days ago I got it again, I said I partner up with a dog, I’m home all day unless I’m at the parks or playing pickleball or biking.

If it was a small cute puppy, I could bike with him, put him in the basket of my future bike, and when I’m working from home, he could just play around with me, and alone, and it’s just a sweet dream to have. I could get a psychology certified dog, and go to the park and do yoga while he’s around me playing or sitting… In the mornings he could be a big reason for me get up early (which you may know I’ve been trying that all my life).

First I looked at Craigslist for rehoming dogs listings to see if there are any listings where people give their dogs away. Then after writing excitedly to a few listings, realized they are phishing and scam ads. 🙁

Then I started asking around, posted on Instagram and got some feedback.

Why not to own a dog puppy pet:

  • They will be always like babies who need your attention every day. Food and pee-poo. And then they will need your love and affection, too. For the rest of their life.
  • Can you take care of them whatever may happen in your life? Like marriage, kids, moving away, losing a job, etc…
  • If they are puppies, they will need extra care and attention.
  • They will have cost a lot to buy and vet costs and their tools and toys.
  • They may get sick and that will cost extra energy, time, and money.
  • The puppies may grow up with characters you don’t like, barking, biting, jealous, etc 😀

So I asked these questions to myself. I knew that was a sacrifice from my well-maintained freedom, but I wanted someone in my life that I can share my love with.. I was okay to pay the costs that it will bring. I could see myself with it. There was a problem though. I never had a dog before. How can I know it’s not just a fantasy that will end up badly for the poor dog? I followed the recommendations from some friends and started looking at fostering options.

What is fostering a dog in New York like?

Pretty much there are websites, you apply to foster a dog till they are getting adopted by their new parents. If in this fostering period you like to own them, you can also adopt them.

One of my friends friends adopted a dog after fostering it. She sent me those links and also the info:

“it works like this: you fill out an application for fostering – at the link i just sent you. you put in your lifestyle, what kind of house you live in , etc etc etc and your stipulations for a dog. if and when the correct match for a dog comes in, they will call you. or they might call you earlier just to discuss what they have available etc and talk to you.

they are a really amazing group and always there for the dog. if it doesn’t work out, they’ll pick the dog up. they pay for medical and grooming and the foster only hast o give love, care, and food.

by the way – thank you for opening your heart to a dog in need. it makes me believe in humanity again when i hear that people want to help animals.”

New York Abandoned Angels – this group mostly focuses on cocker spaniels and other smaller breeds. occasionally they have other breeds for example right now they have a beagle puppy


Animal Shelters & Rescue Groups in the NYC Area – now – there are many many many amazing rescue organizations in the NYC area. they all have a website and they all need fosters. i’m going to send you the website that lists all the rescues – feel free to click on any that look interesting to you and apply on their website.

NYCACC – this is the NY ACC (the city shelter) this is the “kill” shelter. if a dog is there too long without getting adopted or without a foster home, it will get put down. so these dogs are at the highest risk:

So after getting this info, I started researching. “kill” shelter? I looked at the pictures of the dogs. And lots of cats. What’s wrong with you people? Why do you get them if you’ll change your mind? Was I almost committing the same crime as you did?

I looked at their beautiful eyes and cried. Their only fault is not being the “perfect” pet to their owners. Some were old, some were loud, some were shy, most were abused by bad people.

That reminded me, most people in New York buy cute dogs for their ego. They don’t have time. They want to live the party life, friends, dates, hookups, I heard 80% of these dogs end up shelters. I am not going to get from a breeder and definitely never from a pet store where the puppy mill dogs are sold.

What are puppy mills?

They should be all illegal and put in prison for life. Bad bad people, inhumane – as I’m not accepting that humans can be that cruel to another living being. You know “they are like animals” ah, animals are good… I don’t want to talk so much about how they torture animals, and those puppies are not healthy, and only money talks in their lives. Please don’t buy any pets from pet stores. Please please, please. Make your research what business you’re promoting. Be conscious and aware. That’s all I’m asking from you.

So I’m thinking..

How could we eliminate the number of dogs ending up in shelters? Is that a part of life? Like even old people are also left by their children 🙁 Yes, they don’t get killed, thank God. But still killing animals just doesn’t make sense to me.. Unless wild killer dogs, then it would be okay…

What do you guys think??? Buying or Fostering or Adopting

These cuties are waiting for someone to save them OR they will be killed by their caretakers, humans. Don’t understand it… How much should we raise to keep them in shelters, and get trainers to train and play with them? Why being a volunteer is so hard? I remember applying but no response, they are always booked for orientation.. 🙁

Buying or Fostering or Adopting
Look at their eyes…. I believe they have a soul character and they are innocent.