This week’s video series, Biking in New York, Episode 1: Bike Lanes, what does Miss Girl on The Bike think about these very controversial bike lanes? 🙂

First of all, I used to not like the bike lanes before in New York. Why? Because there was only few of them, and I was finding them limiting and dangerous as other bikers maybe slow or careless, and also cars especially police cars, UPS, and FEDEX cars park and block the street, then you are in trouble with the moving traffic. I even got a ticket for not biking on a bike lane that I didn’t see it was there. Also there are different types of bike lanes, closed to traffic, separated and shared.

Now in 2014, bike lanes are everywhere and I love them!! They are making the biking safer, and I believe that’s the reason I see a lot more women and children bikers! Cars do obey the rules now, as they do not use the lane (in the past these few number of separated bike lanes were being used by cars, I believe the reason is they didn’t know what they were for..) Now, people are educated, and maybe slightly more respectful to each other (or at least they must).

Bike lanes are building a community. It’s good for cars, pedestrians, bikers! Good for all!

Why the number of lanes are increasing? Is this because of the CitiBike, and more than a hundred thousand of new bikers on the streets? I don’t know, but just like the same time city built and is building more bike lanes. I found this great video explaining about the bike lanes.