I was walking to a coffee shop, listening my music. Having a smile on my face, you know, just walking.. There is a guy walking in front of me with a dog, and I love dogs, so I’m walking behind them thinking it would be nice to touch and play with the dog.. When the guy and the dog started crossing the street in the white “pedestrian” light, that car came from nowhere, very fast turning, and almost hitting my baby dog…!!!!

I scared so much.. And start screaming as I can’t hear anything else from my music: “Heeeeeeey!! Man slow down!!!” He slowed and stopped, I am not stopping, still walking, and knocked knocked his truck (which I know will create a bigger effect inside the car), “slow down, be careful!!!” I say some stuff. Feeling like the dog’s owner, couldn’t say anything because obviously I was more angry than him..

I walked by that event, thinking am I becoming a New Yorker who doesn’t have any patience for these things? I would never get mad at any traffic event, like opening the door without looking if any biker is coming, stopping the car immediately in front of you, or turning without any signal, etc… But now, I’m getting angry. I don’t keep my anger in me though. I shout them. I say “Hey you!! And I’m not afraid of fighting” 🙂 Oops..

Am I becoming a New Yorker? But wait, I thought New Yorker doesn’t care at all?!