Being at 99U is like being at TED Talks, the difference is 99U is not just about inspiration. They focus on being a maker and doer, practically. Just read their blog, you’ll get an idea what they are about. The conference is about the people participate, so you can connect with them face-to-face, which is my favorite.

This year, 2014, I kept some notes.

To anyone who didn’t have a presentation ready, but just read their cards: if you don’t have time or creativity to prepare a powerpoint slide you have to keep it very interesting and active, or simply go do a podcast. That’s my own opinion.

Susan Koger. ModCloth.
Susan built an innovative fashion e-commerce when she was a teenager, and that company is now a $100 million business. She gave us some great insights about her process and experiences.

She said, 3 lessons:

1. It’s okay to be a rookie, to not have any idea. Ask questions to learn. Rookies tend to be innovative easily since they don’t know how the standard way is.
2. It’s okay to look back a cringe. Although you’re making mistakes it means you’re doing something.
3. Emotion on everything. If you can find something in the morning when you wake up, connect you emotionally with others it worth.

She just reminded me last year’s speaker, Jane ni Dhulchaointigh from Sugru. Their perfect similarity and success is depend on letting their users, customers CREATE the product. They don’t just listen them, they let them create and design the product they will pay! They connect with them. They wake up in the morning with the connection emotionally with their users. Here’s the presentation of Jane from Sugru:

Jason from Basecamp mentioned something interesting. He said entrepreneurship is not just starting something new, it’s also maintaining it. That’s the reason he’s still with his company after 15 years, comparing with other founders who sell their companies.

Seth Godin. He’s just so lovely. Here’s some points he mentioned:

1. He talked about comfort zone. Stating something new, or doing something new is scary. what if’s. do the first. take the first step. you’ll keep wanna do it afterwards. (My notes are so complicated, not sure if that’s what he meant)
2. My favorite. Surround yourself with people who’s gonna challenge and develop you.
3. The next thing? It’s connection. We need leaders. We need to connect people with eachother.
4. Don’t push or fight with fear. Dance with it.
5. It’s free to be wrong.
6. Create your circle. Create meetups. Just someone writing you and answering is not connecting.
7. Also for freelancers and lifestyle entrepreneurs, working 13 hours at home is not a good idea, he’s not suggesting.

Also, during a conversation Seth Godin got mad at me. I’ll share it with you as soon as possible.