Tough Mudder was such an awesome thing I did in my life. Yes, I broke my finger, and so badly hurt my knees that I don’t really know how big it’s impact will be in my body. (But after I heard a lot of people broke their legs, I felt thankful)

I loved it. A very unique experience. And I love experiences.

However, when I see my friends want to join but not really really know what it is, I always tell them how my experience. And now, I have my video up and running!! In a beautiful sunny New York day.. Just a simple beautiful day..

Here’s a recap of what my tough tips for you:

1.Prepare: Know what you’re signing for. Awareness is everything. If you know what’s waiting for you and how to get ready for it, you’re ready to go, and highly you’re safe, no surprises.

Tough Mudder is not a safe environment. When you’re climbing somewhere really high, and if you lose your focus, or slip your hand cause of mud maybe and fall, you just fall. There is not any rope securing your body to that climbing platform.

I think once you know it’s not a play ground, you’ll be a lot closer to be safe and having fun.

Make your research what kind of outfit to wear, bring 2 pairs of shoes, bring extra clothes, what to eat, etc…Don’t forget, Tough Mudder is not a race between others, but yourself, starting before you decide to make it, then prepare, train and actually do it.

Again, you do not race with others, you race with yourself.

2. Teamwork: Choose your teammates wisely. Tough mudder is a lot about teamwork, I can’t imagine someone doing it alone. That means you need to have cool same minded people like yourself. First, you don’t want to leave someone behind who’s not well trained, but you don’t want to walk either.

A lot of parts I couldn’t make it without my friends help. In this freezing pool you have to jump and get out from the other side, I couldn’t even breath any single oxygen.. When I told myself, “okay, don’t breath in just shut your mouth and dive in”, my body obeyed the rule, no oxygen in the body, but I dived in, if my friend didn’t hold me and pull me up, oh boy, I don’t know what would happen..

Yes, I make a little bit of drama, nothing would happen probably, but my big point is, choose that hand wisely. After Tough Mudder, you’ll strength your relationship or I’m afraid you’ll lose your trust. And once you lose your trust that person, it’s hard to gain it back.

3. Train: It sounds obvious right?

Well, I was definitely training.. Push-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups,  and cardio and fitness exercises.. When my friend was asking “are you training?” I was “hell yea!!”

After ~5 mins the race started, I realized with a big terribly pain, breathless, I NEVER RUN!! I had no idea Though Mudder is a lot about running!! Second thing I realized was my group which is around 20 people were waiting for me. Instead of stopping, I pushed myself going. Instead of keep being panicked, I realized I was panicked, thought I was gonna die, stopped my brain thinking that way, organized my breath, and kept going..

4. Give up: Simple as it is. If you feel like you’re dying, stop moving on.

Take a break, breath in, strategize your next move, and definitely you can skip some obstacles. Yes, it’s totally cheating! But who cares?! You cheat yourself and that’s fine..

5. Enjoy: Enjoy! 🙂 You will have great moments that you never had in your life. You’ll be the cool person in meetups! And you’ll connect with others who did Tough Mudder. My suggestion, take a GoPro with you, and record it!! 🙂

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Write in the comment box, if you did or thinking doing Tough Mudder. Any questions/comments? 🙂