5 Boro Bike Tour

Forty Miles.
Five Boroughs.
One Day.
Zero Car.

BEFORE the Five Boro Bike Tour:

My dear people, I’m writing you this at 12:29am, it’s already May 1st, which few hours later the tour is going to start..

I’d like to do a video, but no time left!!! This could be the last message you’re getting from me.. (dramatic music enters)

  • I used to not know the miles, I just knew km, till I did Tough Mudder, it was only 12 miles, killed me.
  • Then I hiked 4 miles out of 12 miles… same killed me..
  • SO, I know what miles is like..
  • I don’t think I’ll make the whole 40 miles, but who knows!? 🙂
  • I won’t wear any make up!
  • It’ll rain with storms and so, crazy weather. I hear will be very difficult, which is amazing, I love challenges!
  • I got a rainproof jacket from NSRriding and I’m hoping it’ll protect me tomorrow. Also I’m hoping to work with them in the future because I love their cute sexy bike outfits! Damn, they make me feel like I wanna be a serious biker!
  • But still, I don’t know what else to wear, as pants and shoes will all get wet?!
  • Can I just jump in a cab if I feel like chickening? 🙂

Oh, I didn’t know I have to use a helmet!!!! But thankfully the amazing organizer Sam is bringing one for me tomorrow. Will keep you updated guys. It’s 2am almost, I have to wake up at 6am. (I need to bring a water bottle and bananas and protein bars maybe.. and extra outfit, since they will get wet!?

P.S I’m super duper excited!!!!! How can I sleep like that? (No worries, I can sleep in any condition :))

One day before the Tour:

AFTER the Five Boro Bike Tour:

Oh boy.. Who would ever say that it’s going to be one of the most amazing thing I’ll be doing in my life?!

  • I had no idea I could and would finish the 42 milles. I think the challenges we had pushed me to keep continue..
  • When we were waiting to start, I met someone briefly, Miles, what I did was, to aim a target for me, I followed him for the first 30 minutes or so (he was pretty fast).. That’s very important otherwise I’d get lost. After I lost him, and feeling soo tired and breathless, I slowed my pace..
  • Then I always choose someone faster than me, and followed them. I passed everyone else.
  • That’s like “No thinking, just pedaling, looking at the ass in front of me, and following, and passing”
  • Even if I took breaks and so.. I almost always followed someone! If I could pass them I passed, if not I chased them as much as I could.
  • In the first break, I ate a banana, bagel, apple juice..
  • Please see the main video, but definitely see the Periscope videos where you can see the behind the stages 🙂
  • I was soaking wet. My shoes were wet. Cold. I only took 2 breaks 10-15 minutes maybe mostly, because stopping means my sweat will get cold.. :/
  • I’ve seen bridges, I biked on them, without any cars!!! CRAZY STUFF!!!!
  • I was in FDR which a highway.. No cars..
  • I was in places I’ve never been, and I pretty much didn’t know where I was in general.. Bridges, have no clue…
  • A lot of people dropped the tour like 1 hour later, I think it’s because of the cold and rain.. 🙂
  • I biked and biked and biked..
  • Didn’t think..

So here’s the thing.. Although you put me on these streets without cars, I wouldn’t bike the whole 42 miles without the other 30,000 people.. That group psychology is what kept me pedaling.. I looked my right and left, and people were all sharing the same goal with me, and there was this really powerful energy in the air.

Any questions to this Miss finished 42 miles biking Nesli?? :))