My To-Do List + Updated List

my to-do list - girl on bikeI think my to-do list shape my lifestyle. For example drink water. It will be there always. They are conscious choices I make about how I want to live. Things I love, or things I don’t like, but I choose to do.
  • Make a Euro Trip.
  • Make another Euro Trip.
  • Learn how to drive motorcycle.
  • Buy a motorcycle in Istanbul.
  • Buy a motorcycle in New York.
  • Don’t do prejudgment about anything. (yah, such a to-do list goal!)
  • Know more about Einstein, and write about him in your blog.
  • Be honest all the time although it will hurt you sometimes. You choose to believe the good side of humans. (WTF is that? What was I thinking? I don’t understand it much right now LOL)
  • I know it’s scary but you have to do skydiving at least once!
  • Find your own awesome morning routine.
  • Practice Russian, until you are fluent.
  • Practice French, until you are fluent..
  • Practice German Spanish, until you are fluent..
  • Practice Italian, until you are fluent..
  • Eat healthily.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Tech with girls, produce your show to impact the world positively.
  • Every week talk with your parents, block 30 minutes in your schedule.
  • Learn how to keep your brain young, and practice it.
  • At least once in a month send e-mails to your lovely friends, otherwise, we forget each other!! (LOL, sorry friends)
  • Practice playing guitar, you have a great talent :p
  • Forgive, in other words, respect other people’s way of survival.
  • Make a road trip in the USA, they are all different people according to regions, discover > New Yorkers are not the same as other Americans.
  • Go San Diego, San Francisco and LA.
  • Have 2 children at the latest 35 years old. (I delete this from my list. Because not sure, if it’s something I want, or how I grew up and pushed to desire. So I don’t have this item in my list anymore.)
  • Help the world to make it a better place, and, start with next to you, and small. (What the heck that supposed to mean? Be clear and specific please!)
  • Every year, at least a week, go somewhere to do kitesurfing.
  • Learn this wave surf with the paddleboard in sharkless water.
  • Read 2 non-fiction books in a month. Like every night and morning.
  • Be a great public speaker 🙂
  • Help. Ask if you can help.
  • Go to out of New York City once in a month to somewhere.. where there is no wi-fi and phone connection.
  • Learn how to play the piano.  (Nah, nevermind, it’s not important)
  • Go to the museums in New York, just once, please?! (Not just the Natural History Museum, with dinosaurs, I mean the Moma, Guggenheim, etc..) (Ehh, still have no desire to go..-2017)
  • Keep creating. Whatever comes from your heart, brain, and soul. Put it out there.
  • Produce your web-series which “Girl on the Bike” travels the world. Meets with locals and do local stuff, and share these experiences with your followers.
  • Exercise a minimum of 3 times a week. Including dancing, pingpong, fitness, and biking.

Okay, these are my to-do list so far. They keep changing. What are yours? Write the top 3 items of your to-do list below, and maybe I can steal some 🙂

Well here’s my updated to-do list for as of 2020 July.

Wow. Well, I definitely learned writing specific measurable goals is better. Also, some of the things I wrote before didn’t make so much sense as they were very vague. Also, things like forgiving others, is a losing wish in the first place, as I am not God to forgive, I just don’t hold their energies. Still writing to-do lists, even vague help the focus to go towards that thing, maybe not specific and it’ll take longer to get there and needs more adjustments, still a good way to start.

My New TO-DO List / Goals:

  • I’m buying & riding a motorcycle, HELL YES! (Still, NYC is cold most of the time, and I don’t really go anywhere, but maybe that’ll be the reason I’ll start traveling more. Like beach, nature, other cities like Boston, DC, and maybe one day to the West Coast. Oh Gosh, no way I’d do such a long trip on a vulnerable machine > But, I am getting one. I stopped doing it so long, due to its dangers and I was not sure. Now I am sure. I’m taking the risks, I want it. Bring it on!)
  • I’m working out every day, even 10 mins!
  • I’m falling in love. (talk about vagueness, like what does it mean?! Well, it means I learn what it means to be in love or falling in love. To a human exactly – not to my motorcycle. I’d like to experience that. Okay, well, second thought, maybe a drone, android, even AI works too 😬)
  • I’m living happily in my penthouse in New York with jacuzzi watching moon – sipping my tea or wine.
  • My parents come to visit me or I visit them once a year 🥰
  • I’m guiding people to find their own life path and happiness through my Nesli.TV videos and articles 🎉
  • I’m guiding people to do and manage their business, branding, and marketing through Search, Social, Web, Video. 👏
  • I’m reading or listening to two books a month. 😍📚🐛
  • I look in the mirror and say at least once a day “I’m enough”.

Well that’s it for now! 🙂 I’ll be back soon.


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