My To-Do List

my to-do list - girl on bikeI think my to-do list shape my life style. For example drink water. It will be there always. They are conscious choices I make about how I want to live. Things I love, or things I don’t like, but I choose to do.
  • Make a Euro Trip.
  • Make another Euro Trip.
  • Learn how to drive motorcycle.
  • Buy a motorcycle in Istanbul.
  • Buy a motorcycle in New York.
  • Don’t do prejudgment about anything.
  • Know more about Einstein, and write about him in your blog.
  • Be honest all the time although it will hurt you sometimes. You choose to believe the good side of human.
  • I know it’s scary but you have to do skydiving at least once!
  • Find your own awesome morning routine.
  • Practice Russian, until you are fluent.
  • Practice French, until you are fluent..
  • Practice German Spanish, until you are fluent..
  • Practice Italian, until you are fluent..
  • Eat healthy.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Tech with girls, produce your show to impact world positively.
  • Every week talk with your parents, block 30 minutes in your schedule.
  • Learn how to keep your brain young, and practice it.
  • At least once in a month send e-mails to your lovely friends, otherwise we forget each other!!
  • Practice playing guitar, you have a great talent :p
  • Forgive, in other words, respect other people’s way of survival.
  • Make a road trip in USA, they are all different people according to regions, discover > New Yorker’s are not same with other Americans.
  • Go San Diego, San Francisco and LA.
  • Have 2 children at latest 35 years old. (I delete this from my list. Because not sure, if it’s something I want, or how I grew up and pushed to desire. So I don’t have this item in my list anymore.)
  • Help the world to make it a better place, and, start with next to you, and small. (What the heck that supposed to mean? Be clear and specific please!)
  • Every year, at least a week, go somewhere to do kitesurfing.
  • Learn this wave surf with the paddle board in a sharkless water.
  • Read 2 non-fiction books in a month. Like every night and morning.
  • Be a great public speaker 🙂
  • Help. Ask if you can help.
  • Go to out of New York City once in a month to somewhere.. where there is no wi-fi and phone connection.
  • Learn how to play piano.  (Nah, nevermind, it’s not important)
  • Go to the museums in New York, just once, please?! (Not just the Natural History museum, with dinosaurs, I mean the Moma, Guggenheim, etc..) (Ehh, still have no desire to go..-2017)
  • Keep creating. Whatever comes from your your heart, brain and soul. Put it out there.
  • Produce your web-series which “Girl on the Bike” travels the world. Meets with locals and do local stuff, and share these experiences with your followers.
  • Exercise minimum 3 times in a week. Including: dancing, pingpong, fitness and biking.

Okay these are my to-do list so far. They keep change. What are yours? Write the top 3 item of your to-do list below, and maybe I can steal some 🙂

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