Girls Night Out

GirlsNightOut5Ehhem. Girls.

This invitation is for you. Join me for a “girls night out”. We’ll go out: eat, drink, talk, share, dance, sing…

Rules: only positive energy is allowed. come open to know and learn and HAVE FUN!! We live in New York and I believe we should meet more of us and enjoy what the city offers.

No whining, complaining, but purely open minded you’s are allowed. 21+ is a must, you know why!

Can’t wait to meet with you!!!

Note: Register the event to get the updates for location, time and activity details. I’m planning mostly night’s out, but come on, days out in Central Park would be really nice, too.. 🙂



  1. toomuchtelly1

    I do not see Friday’s Night Out listed, how do I register?

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