10 Cloverfield Lane Spoilers!!!

Did you watch 10 Cloverfield Lane movie??! One of my best ever so far. Best in 2016 at least! 🙂 How genius it is?! I’ll write here my opinions more in details, and please check the video for...

My DMV Road Test Tips

Hey guys, So, I passed my DMV Road Test after a long time trying.. The scheduling system is online and takes months to find a spot available. There is no place in Manhattan to take the test, so my first test area was in Queens, after waiting for months, when I went...
5 Books that I Love A Lot! :)

5 Books that I Love A Lot! :)

5 books that I love a lot! These amazing books changed my life and shaped who I am today drastically. Please watch my review and tell me 1 book you love!!

All About the 5 Boro Bike Tour

5 Boro Bike Tour Forty Miles. Five Boroughs. One Day. Zero Car. BEFORE the Five Boro Bike Tour: My dear people, I’m writing you this at 12:29am, it’s already May 1st, which few hours later the tour is going to start.. I’d like to do a video, but no...

LA vs NYC Comparison

LA is clean and smells good. NYC is not clean ever, and doesn’t smell good unless you go to parks/rivers.
LA, it’s hard to meet people, where are they?! NYC, people are everywhere! Easy to meet and mingle. (I don’t really know what mingle means, but it sounds like right)


Description is coming soon!!!! Please write in the comments, which part and city would you like to see more in my future videos! Thanks!!!...

First Time Hiking in the Woods

I thought I was gonna die at the mountains alone.. I couldn’t walk anymore.. and other 20 people were moving smooth and fast..