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Here’s the book list under 3 category: I want to read, I suggest, I loved but just for fun, if you click you’ll go to Amazon pages of each book. Please write in the comments below your top favorite 2 books that you’d suggest!!

Books I Want to Read:

Super Better, from Jane the slayer : Oh I can’t wait to read it. How to hack brain? She has an amazing story and also I think she’s one of the smartest woman. I just have to read it asap..

****Sapiens: I’m reading at the moment, OMG! Where was this book all the time? Change the shift of your mind. Read this. Learn where and how you came, as a .. No words to speak of. I’m just completely blown away, and in love love love love love love love……..

Tony Robbin’s Latest Finance Book : Started reading. Oh yeaaaa, Tony, my first mentors, can’t wait!!! Let’s learn what the leaders don’t want us to know about ugly finance world and jargon. Grr.

Harry Potter’s writers amazing bio : I watched the movie, and really enjoyed, even made me cry (oh no surprise?!).. I want to read the book… It’s about creation, love and life.

The Martian : So watched the movie, and I loved it. It’s very educative about human survival; physiology, math, physics, I must read it!!

Books I Already Read and Suggest Reading:

****4 hour work week : Tim, I’m so jealous of him. I could write that book myself! Every word is priceless. Simple things for me, but I find myself telling them to my friends have no clue. Please read. Just to have an idea. You may not agree, or so, however, it’s A MUST READ!

Seth Godin’s Tribe : I like Seth personally, he’s a genius, biker, father, and this book is about passionate people building their tribes, without ego and so, but becoming efficient leaders helping communities.

****Rich Dad Poor Dad : Never had a chance to finish totally, because of the finance jargon, but a MUST READ! Don’t let the money control you, be the money generator, be the entrepreuner, and give your kids the same mindset. Just give them the option, because school just teach them how to be an employer not the creator.

My Sweet Orange Tree : how many times I’ve read it? 5? Hmm.. I have to read again…

Jean Christophe Grange’s Books: holly writer! crazy journalist writes these books based on facts and very scary!!!!!!!! I would read them again and again.

Red Dyed Hair from Kostas Mourselas : I read when I was 10-15 years old. really loved it.

Sofia: This unknown trilogy is my favorite Ottoman story. Love, cheating, the real drama that really built the biggest empire in the world, or broke. (not sure if Ottoman was the biggest, but I’ll think it was) A great easy novel series to read.

How to Shop for a Husband : About this little black dress we can’t stop wearing comfortably, and carry with us everywhere. Ladies, yep I suggest this book to you. 😉

****ReWork : Oh how much I loved reading this book, and I’d suggest it to every single employee and entrepreneur in the world: means everyone should read it!! 🙂

****Elon Musk’s Biography : My mentor suggested  a must read. And so I love love this crazy man’s world and how he’s putting us in a world of his. I love him. But mostly I love what and how he’s doing and creating his dreams with a passionate army. Also, I believe he’s the man who’s going the create the super AI although he’s the one warning us about the AI gonna be the end of human kind.

****Shoe Dog, Nike’s founder’s memoir: Oh what can I say.. I kept crying, laughing, felt angry desperate, proud.. Philip Knight told us the story of his life and Nike. And yes, Nike was all about great story telling, and now I’m more in love with it. You can do it, just do it!

****Dropping the Struggle, 7 ways to love the life you have: I received this book to review, and I rejected to read. How come I can read a book about dropping the struggles? I don’t have any!!! Then I looked at the index, dropping to struggle to be perfect, time, love.. and goes on, and yes I have all these struggles. A sweet must read. 🙂

Tools of Titan’s: Tim Ferris published this book after interviewing the most successful, talented people on earth, living. Interesting and helpful. A MUST READ. Some parts maybe too much for you, it’s okay to skip those, you’ll find what you need for sure. Great books suggestions.

Books I Read and Loved, just for fun:

Harry Potter’s World : I read the series two times. Went to Orlando to the Harry’s world. Oh love it. It’s always a sweet sorrow to come back to our world, reality, I used to say EVERYONE should read it, and it’s definitely no a children book, because it’s very sadistically scary.

Hunger Games : Was a nice reading 🙂

Twilight : Oh, vampires.. Show me a girl who wouldn’t like a romantic vampire like Edward Cohen. Ahhhh… Such a sweet reading, again and again…

The Host : Interesting future perspective, and fun to read quickly.

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