We need to talk about Kevin and the Colorado mass shooting

Just last week, very randomly I watched a movie called “We Need To Talk About Kevin”. I had no idea/clue about the film I just started to watch. The woman who was very successful became almost a homeless and people slap her face when they see her on the street and etc.. What the heck happened to her? I was wondering.. The visuals, artistic quality was really high and nice of the film.

The story is started to shape when she remembers her past, her son was born, and he hates his mom since his birth.. And go and on..

It was one of the best movie I’ve watched lately. And as you can see I’m not so good at describing it, but I can say I hold my breath till the end..

End? The kid locked his high school, and killed a bunch of students. When she asked him why he did that, the answer Kevin – murderer gave was “I thought I knew why but now I’m not sure”

And today what happened in the movie theater of Colorado, while people watching Batman Rises a 24 year old kid-man comes and kills 12-13 people including children, reminded me Kevin. We were discussing why he did that, the reason could be he wanted to take attention to his empty life. He had no idea of the real world, reality, and whatever he watches on TV, online was the world he was living in. And although I didn’t watched the Batman Rises, I know from the trailer, it’s pretty wild. And as far as I see the guy just dressed like Batman Rises bad man and gave terror to these innocent people in the theater. He got the attention.

In the prison he’ll meet the real life maybe he never met before. Parents, parents.. Don’t you think you should give a little responsibilities to your kids, so they will not feel empty and not look for crazy-wild attraction in their life. And is he going to regret when he sees the wild life of prison, or he’ll not have enough time for feeling/thinking before he’ll execute to death. (I learned in Colorado there is still the penalty of death)

I know it’s not my job to criticize parents. Online and offline media has the biggest pie of these results. And you can’t control. It will be more & more wild and uncontrollable. So, I believe even though you don’t have much time and energy it’s your responsibility to educate your children how they should consume/understand/watch/read the MEDIA.

I’m sure some kids who are watching the news today, feeling happiness that something tragic happened like that. They don’t feel sad. They feel encouraged if someone do this, they can do it, too!

I’m wondering how we could take lessons from these sad examples how our community is effected by media. Or maybe you think it’s not the fault of media? Tell me in the comments.  

look at the audience of Batman who dressed like the character in the movie.

she’s representing the parents who got blamed and shocked after their kids behaviors.