Here’s what I use recording, creating and editing my videos and website (my referral links):

Unlimited Movies: I’m a member of this amazing program. $30-$45/ month and you can watch a movie everyday!

Camera: This is the camera I’m using, such an easy and fun experience each time.

Music: I’m desperately in love with my music tool, the best of all I tried.

Animation: This is the tool I’m using to create my animations in my videos.

Website: Starting with domain and hosting, I use this website,

Logo/Graphic Designer: I worked with her and really liked her work. Check it out here. Also, you can use this site with my code $99 upgrade.

Printing: I really like them so far. I printed my business cards and some magnets 🙂 When you go to checkout, try some random stuff, after a few try, they give you the biggest discount, which comes to 60% off or so.. Good quality and good price! 🙂

Hotel: You ask me where to stay in New York: of course airbnb. Enjoy my discount!

Be a Host: Here’s $50 bonus if you decide to rent your couch/room/apartment.

Private Driver: I use Uber if I’m not on the bike, enjoy my $20 off discount! Code: 0k03k

$5 Cab in Manhattan: I also use Lyft and here’s my discount code (currently $20 off)! Code: NESLIHAN333346

Instagram Schedule: I use this app to schedule my Instagram posts. I can schedule comments, tags, etc..