It was last year I think, not sure exactly when, I saw that Youtube video about Instagram marketing..

The guy in the video was one of the most handsome men I’ve ever seen; he was a very genuine guy, speaking calmly and oh man no BS but directly to the point. The camera and background, lightings all very high quality, I watched the whole video!

Then I checked the channel: High on Life. I found it very inspiring, the life I want to live, and kinda doing in a very small version, but I wanted to do it like them, traveling the whole world, adventures in life, and feeling high on life! And the best ever thing is they were a group of people because traveling alone could be fine, but adventures only great with friends, and he had lots of them and they all looked super cool! I followed their Instagram and subscribed to their channel.

I was getting updates on my phone if they posted on a video (I have only a few channels I get notifications), and today it said something I clicked, said the live video is starting in 29 minutes, and it got my attention, I didn’t know you can schedule Youtube Live!!!! And then I saw you can join the chat even before the video. But wait why people are talking about some loss, heartbreaks… I wrote my first ever comment “What happened?” I didn’t know their names… And then figured out what happened and I’m shocked!

high on life youtubers


The cute guy’s name is Alexey Lyakh. His girlfriend and a member of the team is Megan Scraper. And with the third, Ryker Gamble one of the co-founders. The are the High on Life Youtubers, they all passed away… The news says the girl fell from the waterfall and the other two jumped to save them, but there were currents at the bottom of the waterfall pool. I’m shocked and sad.

Rest in peace beautiful people.

Life is beautiful and you never know what will happen tomorrow or how you’ll die. You can die walking on a normal street a brick on your head, a mosquito bite (I heard millions die from mosquitos every year), or anything like that physically. Or you may never actually live living a life that has no meaning to you. So if adventures are calling you, and you know it’ll be the best time of your life, and it’s your CALLING, then you go.

They did leave their inspirational mark in the world…

Rest in peace.

(I’m writing this while watching their live video, celebrating their lives.)

Note: I just realized the girl is Mindy, I’m actually following her on Instagram… Didn’t know she was the same person and dating with the guy. Oh small world.

Note 2: Too much controversy going on right now on the internet (like it happens for everything – too much sensitivity for important topics), but I think conversations, not accusations are always a good thing although not easy. Heard many many young kids and people get hurt for the perfect selfie or the video, so this is something the news and people including other influencers and travelers should talk about…