There is a woman. She’s in a castle. There a lot of guardians and she’s hiding from them. But she’s not trying to escape, she wants to discover. She wants to discover what this castle is and what these people are doing. She feels they are bad people and doing mean things.

There is a very BIG cage. Very big, she mistakenly put herself in there. And realized she got trapped with tigers. (Here, I LOVE tigers. I even sometimes tell, “aww, that beautiful animal could eat me. It would be okay. They are lovely.”) In this part, this woman becomes me. And finding myself so close to death, I got terrified, my animal instincts became alive, I was not an human with a brain anymore. I was an animal who wanted to survive. When two of the hungry tiger was coming to me, I kind of changed this part of the dream, and I got rid of the cage. Wehh… (tricks :))

Next part, climbing, jumping, running, and she went to the most protected part of the castle. Which was the top of a super long book-shelf (like 15 meters). When she was getting closer to the top, the guardians actually can shoot her, but they don’t. When she reaches the top, she only finds old newspapers pieces.

She sees a woman’s photo, and reads a bit about how terrifying things that woman did, and she looks at the guardians. This woman is herself!! She was shocked. But now all is clear.

She was not happy what she did in the past, but wanted to forget everything about that life.She found a way somehow. All of the guardians knew that. But living like that was not enough, she wanted to fill the emptiness in herself. And after the discovery she figured out all.

In the end, she opens the secrets of the castle to the public, new newspapers published, etc.. She’s not happy with her past, but happy with her now..

Whatever we want to suppress, hide or push back inside of us, comes back more strongly. We should live it. If you want to let  this feeling go, live it. My dream proofs that, doesn’t it? 🙂